Brexit Party MEP shocked that his job involves travelling to Europe

Brexit Party Member of European Parliament David Bull has been left seething after discovering that his new job involves travelling to Strasbourg, in Europe.

The North West MEP posted a video of himself on Twitter this morning, complaining that travelling to his office would involve taking four trains over eight hours, costing loads of taxpayer cash.


Wait till someone tells him that some of his colleagues speak in foreign languages.

All this calls into question whether Bull has ever looked at a map, or used Google. A quick search shows that Bull could have hopped on the 15:00 flight from London to Strasbourg, costing just £43 for a return journey and taking less than one and a half hours.

This isn’t the first time that a newly-elected Brexit MEP has embarrassed themselves over their new workplace. Claire Fox was recently hammered after she criticised the EU for funding her business class train to Brussels. She didn’t choose to downgrade to standard.

They seem to think are doing us all a great service by “exposing” the extravagance of the EU. In reality, they’d be doing us all a greater service if they all just stayed quiet.

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