David Attenborough scolds Trump. Naturalist says he’s given up with President on climate change

Naturalist, climate change activist and British icon Sir David Attenborough says he’s given up trying to persuade Donald Trump about global warming, and that the President is not “susceptible to rational argument”.

In an interview with the Economist, Attenborough said that Trump’s views on climate change are deeply engrained, and unfortunately aren’t going to change.


“Working on the basis the United States is a democracy, I would prefer to talk to the voters, whose minds I hope are still open and available to logical thought,”⁠ Attenborough said.


Trump once described climate change as a “hoax,” and has backed the fossil fuel industry in the United States.

Attenborough, meanwhile, previously said it would be “cowardly” not to try to convince the President about climate change.

However, it now seems the naturalist has given up on this effort, after realising that Trump is beyond saving.

He’s come to the correct conclusion.

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