Daily Mail slammed for coverage of Supreme Court President Lady Hale

The Daily Mail has been blasted for its coverage of national hero and President of the Supreme Court, Lady Hale.

After the Supreme Court ruled that Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament was unlawful, the Daily Mail quickly joined the ranks of outlets covering the fallout of the landmark decision, and published a profile of the court’s President, Lady Hale.


But its headline, which read “ex-barmaid with a spider brooch who spun legal web that snared PM” resulted in outrage from readers.

Writing on Twitter, the DM Reporter, an account that points out flaws in Daily Mail articles, highlighted that Hale has a lot more on her CV apart from being a former barmaid:

Meanwhile, Aodhan Michael Connolly, Director of Northern Ireland Retail Consortium, called the Daily Mail a “tawdry gutter rag”.

Lady Hale worked as a barmaid while holding a second job – teaching at the University of Manchester. Daily Mail reporters should surely find this impressive, since many of them struggle to carry out their one job without causing a furious backlash.

They also forgot to explain how exactly Hale’s history of bar work fits into their narrative of judges all being “out of touch elites”. We await further comment.

One response to “Daily Mail slammed for coverage of Supreme Court President Lady Hale

  1. What a disgusting, misogynist bit of reporting trying to trivialise a woman at the top of her career who is far more valuable to society than a sexist gutter journalist! However it is interesting to note that the other 10 judges were men, I wonder if they also had their own devious plans to ensnare the PM lol?

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