We have created a parody website for the Brexit Party’s “newspaper”

Scram News has today launched a parody of the The Brexiteer – the Brexit Party’s freshly-launched newspaper.

Our site, called thebrexiteer.eu, is a satirical take on the the stomach-churning Farage worship that will inevitably be spewed out by the paper publication.


At their “Big Vision” rally on Sunday, the Brexit Party launched and distributed the first edition of their “newspaper”. It features a large image of Nigel Farage, who they claim has created a political “earthquake”.

It has been reported that The Brexiteer will be a monthly publication, and will be given away on street stalls (presumably because they know no-one will buy it).

Nigel Farage is the all-powerful, unelected leader of the Brexit Party. He has set up a propaganda publication to peddle his pro-Brexit vitriol, while he masquerades as the saviour of British democracy.

The Brexiteer is already a parody, so the comic opportunities were just too good to miss. Of course Farage will probably say we’re just arrogant Remainers, but we’re not the ones distributing propaganda newspapers emblazoned with our own faces.

Let’s see if we can get more people to visit thebrexiteer.eu than Farage can get to read his newspaper. Share the site now: thebrexiteer.eu

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