Countdown: How long before Boris Johnson has betrayed his promise to bring back a Brexit deal

Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged repeatedly during the Conservative leadership campaign that he, and only he, could bring back a Brexit deal from Brussels.

Now, with rumours that negotiations have hit a brick wall, the PM is running out of time to deliver on his promise.

If Johnson can’t get a deal through by 19th October, he’s now required by law to ask for a Brexit extension.

Rumours are flying about the increasingly desperate and dangerous ways the government is trying to circumvent the law, from declaring a national emergency to calling a vote of no confidence in itself to force a general election.

So we built a countdown to track how long he’s got left to miraculously find a deal that can get through Parliament – or to ponder just how far he is willing to go to force through a no-deal Brexit absolutely none of us voted for.

-102Days -17Hours -39Minutes -4Seconds

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