Coronavirus: Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin blasted for (another) “ridiculous” claim

Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin has not been having a good morning.

The Brexiteer-landlord has been set loose on TV and radio, trying to make the case that pubs should remain open during the coronavirus pandemic.


However, after being panned for his flippant comments on BBC Radio 4 this morning – accused of “endangering” customers and staff – Martin has got himself in further bother.

Speaking to Sky News, the pub baron said: “There’s hardly been any transmission of the virus within pubs.”

Last time we checked, Martin was not a scientific expert with access to confidential information about the spread of coronavirus.

In fact, the government’s Chief Scientific Adviser – Sir Patrick Vallance – has actively been encouraging people not to spend time at pubs, precisely because they help the virus to spread.

And so, Martin has been blasted for trying to pass off his unsubstantiated claims as the absolute truth.

TV presenter Piers Morgan tweeted in response: “I just heard Tim Martin, owner of Wetherspoons, say on Sky News there has been very little transmission of the virus in pubs.


“This is insane stupidity from a reckless selfish millionaire putting money before health.

“Don’t go to Wetherspoons.”

We look forward to Mr Martin providing the source for his claim.

22 responses to “Coronavirus: Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin blasted for (another) “ridiculous” claim

  1. Just illustrates the level of intelligence this ‘person’ has, this ‘person’ who has been one of the most proponents

    Now ignoring the dangers presented by Coronavirus and only interested in ££££.

    Quite apart from only being interested in his own self interests, it also clearly illustrates his level of judgement with respect to Brexit.


    We can now add…VIRUS SPREADER.

  2. However much money anybody has, it will not prevent them from becoming a victim of this virus. Is he so utterly brainless that he cannot understand this simple fact . He and his like who imagine , a billionaires greed, gives him an untouchable health armour . Maybe soon he will discover how wrong he was.

  3. This idiot says he’s justified in keeping his rotten pubs open because supermarkets are a worse risk. Profits take priority over public health. He truly is an enemy of the people.

  4. Him and greedy little Richard Branson are cut from the same cloth and the print on the cloth is ME ME ME. They need to take a leaf out of Gary Nevilles, Ryan giggs and Roman abramovitchs books giving there hotel beds to NHS and key workers, restaurateurs providing hot meals. Corner shopkeepers making up care packages for the elderly and less well off at their own expense, volunteers up and down the United Kingdom wanting too and doing whatever they can too help out. Well we will know who’s who when we have this thing beaten. Also the owner of car phone warehouse johnboy announcing on the day the doo doo hit the fan that he would be closing all his shops and all staff would be losing their jobs, 2,900 employees, he said there’s never a good time for news like that and the biggest lowlife IAN DUNCAN SMITH urging Boris too not offer anything above Universal Credits monthly allowance to all the workers who are for whatever reason unable too be in work.The cheeky Bastard reckons we will get used to it and not want to work ever again. He absolutely despises the elderly, sick, vulnerable, homeless, ex vets etc and he would annihilate them if he could get away with it. He must of been a despot dictator in a former life, he’s pure evil. I hope IDS loses his job and the title of SIR is withdrawn the man is pure RAT SHIT he’s every nasty character that’s ever lived. Personally I would love to hear someone has punched the taste out of his mouth.

  5. I will be highly offemded if the chancelor supports this man financially through this crisis. If pubs clubs restaraunts close he will be the first to sack his zero hour part time temporary staff and the very first in line for a mega government hand out. This company does not deserve peoples loyalty particularly when this horrendous episode in our lives eventually comes to an end. Weatherspoons needs to be boycotted as do all unscrupuless money gribby companies. Time to make name and shame list for the future and also time to create a heroic employers list so that when these times are over we can all get behind them not the scum!

  6. Why do british media insist on giving prime time platforms to ‘foghorns of ignorance’ like Martin and Farage instead of to people who actually know what they are talking about. I despair for this country; first brexshit and now this.

  7. Now if Wetherspoons were to test all their staff and customers we would know.
    This would, of course, cost a significant amount of Martin’s cash.

  8. Tim Martin always claims in his magazines that he will give a balanced view on both sides of the Brexit argument. So why is there always 6 or more pages on the leave argument & only 4 on the remain argument? He also claims he is not in support of any political party & yet he has been seen socialising with BJ, Gove & the other Brexiteers. I wonder how much money he has sitting in offshore bank accounts?

  9. Richard Branson could make sure his Workers are paid there full wage from his bank. His greed is disgusting. Agree with comments re wetherspoons idiot too.

  10. Trains are packed with people daily so are Tubes in cities where they run. Super markets are packed daily and people stand in lines to pay but pubs and restraints got the chop.
    New train rolling stock has been introduced in Yorkshire that has less seating and puts people closer together but all we see here in these comments from many is hate about pubs & restraunts. Get your focus right before you open your gobs.

  11. Foolk me keep the vulnerable safe and the rest get merry . The powers that be aint testing shit not even front line staff doctors nurses it’s a complete shambles .
    Could you please give £2 a month to bail out Britain in times of crisis .fat cats n politicians will be on full tax payers wages so I’ll see you in the palace of Westminster for a pint and a cigar .

  12. I’m absolutely disgusted with this man ..I’ve always hated Wetherspoons as it is. I’m a recently retired nurse after 47 years in the NHS and my friends and ex colleagues are on their knees. They are begging people to abide by the rules set down by the government..
    There will not be enough beds, there will not be enough staff. People who have road traffic accidents,heart attacks ect will not get a bed.
    Shame on you and shame on DICK Branson. Your greed and lack of care disgusts me.

  13. What a guy truly awesome. I agree, keep the bars open fuck the virus if it comes my way Al eat the bastard. Screw all you pussy 🍺🙋‍♂️👋

  14. Would never go to a Wetherspoons ever again. My friends are the same. All remainers. Nor would I buy a Dyson again and we need a new vacuum cleaner soon.

    Stay safe everyone!!!

  15. “There’s hardly been any transmission of the virus within pubs.”

    Gas lighting at it’s very best. And we’re supposed to listen to this arse whose reason for Brexit seemed to be he could source his booze from countries other than EU ones.

  16. I love spoons chicken wings. Go often, or did. Have been uneasy over Martin shoving his views down customers throats for some time. supposed to be a british pub, not a 1920s munich beer hall. After his treatment of staff and his ignorant talk over the virus I have had enough. If they are still there when and if this is over its goodbye wetherspoons. I just feel sorry for the staff.

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