Coronavirus: Some of the inspiring ways people are helping each other during the crisis

Coronavirus has been a litmus test for arseholes. From those who insist on stockpiling food and toilet paper, to those who refuse to practice social distancing – many are guilty of not taking the crisis seriously, putting vulnerable people at risk.

But among more conscientious members of society, coronavirus has also shown communities rally together, supporting those in need and providing hope in dark times.


According to one Twitter user, an English street has devised a traffic light system, so each household can notify each other if they’re in need of help.

Meanwhile, a group of doctors have launched “Help Them Help Us” – an organisation to support frontline NHS workers. Among other things, they’re offering people the opportunity to give small sums of money to help health workers with childcare and transport.

And they are not the only people helping NHS staff. Football pundit Gary Neville has offered free use of his hotels to NHS workers, while numerous companies are providing discounts. In the case of Pret a Manger – free coffee.

JustPark, a parking app, is also urging the public and businesses located close to hospitals to offer their car parking spaces to healthcare workers and patients.

Meanwhile in East Finchley, North London, a supermarket is offering free deliveries to support vulnerable people.

Similarly, residents in different areas have set up community support networks. A community network in Southwark, London, is helping to pick up prescriptions, and is lobbying local estate agents to encourage rent holidays.

Southwark volunteers are also sharing resources for home schooling and are flyering the local area to see who needs help.

Another community network in Horton, Slough, is co-ordinating shopping and dog walking for its elderly community, while a hotel in Guernsey is delivering free meals to vulnerable residents.

Boutique gym studios like Barry’s Bootcamp and Digme have started doing live streamed workouts on Instagram, so those who wish to exercise during the quarantine can maintain a routine without spreading infections in the gym. 1Rebel studio has offered the NHS use of its studios if it needs extra bed space.

Move it or Lose it, a fitness service for elderly people has also suspended its classes. Instead, their instructors are helping fetch people’s shopping and sending them stamps so they can write letters to their friends.

And if you are still looking for that Friday feeling, beer company Beavertown is holding a virtual cheers on their website for people who are feeling isolated.

Keep up the good work, people.


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  1. During my weekly shop last week there were two inconsiderate guys putting their goods separately through the self service checkout, it included fourteen large containers of powdered baby milk and 5 catering packs of eggs and eight packs of 500g butters. The Asda Cardiff checkout supervisor removed ten of the baby milk cartons from each of these idiots (20 in total) only to be told in poor English by the idiot waiting to put his items through the checkout. “You are racist, I’m reporting you” then rang someone on his iphone. The supervisor was unperturbed and took the excessive cartons away from them both, and I gave her a big round of applause, sad to say one of the idiots managed to purchase the extortionate amount of eggs and butter. I totally sympathise with health workers and such like who are being deprived by these idiots who often clog up the A+E at the Heath Hospital. My eldest daughter works as Support worker for severely handicapped people in their home and is often with them for days and nights at a time without a break, and she has the same problem with shopping. It would be easy for every hospital to have a encode to various Supermarkets for the hospital staff to order their shopping online in the knowledge the Supermarkets would have a verified hospital signature and staff code to implement this, come on you Government IT guys and put this in place; by yesterday would be good.

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