Coronavirus: Ventilator manufacturer slams government for slow response

A manufacturer of ventilator parts has blasted the government for its slow response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus causes respiratory problems among those it infects, and consequently the NHS needs to purchase thousands of ventilators to keep people alive.


However, one manufacturer of ventilator parts has said that the government has been dragging its feet for weeks.

Appearing on BBC Newsnight, Andrew Raynor of MEC Medical was asked what happened when he got in touch with the government weeks ago about supplying parts for ventilators.

“Nothing, quite honestly,” Raynor said.

He claims the government asked him to fill-in an online form, to provide details about what his company could supply.

However, no-one got back in touch until fairly recently, when the government decided to step-up its efforts.

The issue is, Raynor explains, ventilators can’t just be produced out of thin air.

“I can tell you now, they’re not days away,” he said.

“They’re going to be weeks away. And the volume that our government require and the manufacturing that’s going to have to go into these – there’s no quick solution.”

This is a time of national crisis, and the government’s response has been lacking so far. Call on all parties to come together in the national interest to tackle coronavirus.

TAKE ACTION: Call for a government of national unity

2 responses to “Coronavirus: Ventilator manufacturer slams government for slow response

  1. While a government of national unity sounds all well and good perhaps we should remember that the Tory record on coalitions leaves much to be desired. first the Lib Dems and then the DUP were both dumped without a second thought when it suited them. It would now suit them to have partners to share the blame as the disaster unfolds, a disaster of their own making

  2. The incompetent Tory party with their hitherto austerity had run most of our social services down in order to save money, as a consequence we were ill prepared for anything like a pandemic. There is no particular trust in the current government following all the lies and fake news which appeared to be condoned by many in the party. It is very disconcerting when we consider the biggest liar of all was the current P.M. Johnson is out of his depth as too are most of his cabinet. This situation does not auger well for our future outside of the European Union.

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