Coronavirus: Tory MP Pauline Latham gives “appalling” response to voter concerned about sick pay

Tory MP Pauline Latham has told one of her constituents to “get a life,” when he asked about levels of statutory sick pay.

Writing on Twitter, Latham – who represents Mid Derbyshire – responded to a constituent who questioned whether £94 a week is enough to live on if people fall ill due to coronavirus.


This comes amid concerns that coronavirus will force more people onto statutory sick pay (SSP) while they recover. At a paltry £94 a week, this will cause financial disarray for many families.

Responding to the tweet, journalist Ash Sarkar quipped that Latham’s message was “empathetic, gracious and considerate”.

Meanwhile, pro-EU account Remainer Now called it “appalling”.

That might be an understatement.



Latham has responded to this criticism by saying: “My response was purely towards keyboard warriors who so often attack but don’t respond with anything. I am entirely sympathetic towards those in receipt of statutory sick pay, particularly in this stressful time.”

Not exactly an apology.


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