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Tory MP calls on “national government” to replace Boris Johnson’s leadership

A Conservative MP, who belongs to Boris Johnson’s own party, has called for the PM to be replaced with a “national government”.

Last night, Johnson announced unprecedented rules to enforce social distancing – banning all public gatherings of more than two people.


As a result of these exceptional changes to our way of life, Tory MP George Freeman has called for a coalition government of all the major parties to steer us through the crisis.

The prospect of letting Labour into Downing Street will undoubtedly strike fear into many Tories.

We suspect Freeman might be on the end of a quite blunt phone call from the Conservative chief whip this morning.

Although, given Boris Johnson’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak so far, there’s no denying he could use a bit of help.


20 responses to “Tory MP calls on “national government” to replace Boris Johnson’s leadership

    1. Though I think the measures introduced yesterday were long overdue, Johnson has been a lesson in how not to be a leader. He should be replaced and the only cabinet member that has shown the qualities is Rishi Sinai, though a national government would be much preferable, but without Corbyn.

      1. Enough of this BS about “PM Rishi”, people only think he’s good because he’s splurging enormous sums of money at Cummings’ request, but his credentials fall apart the moment you look at him.

        His efforts are laser focused on protecting profits rather than workers, and there is precisely zero plan about how any of this lavish over-spending is (not) going to be paid for; it’s all in borrowing, yet the UK already has debts that are dangerously close to exceeding the total size of our entire economy.

        It’s not hard to see why; his background is as an investment banker, the ultimate short-term psychopathic profession in which you can take insane risks knowing the taxpayer will just bail you out.

        After this crisis is over the UK is going to be plunged into recession, and things are only going to get worse and worse for all but the privileged few.

        Jeremy Corbyn’s manifesto had a lot of spending commitments, yes, but it also came complete with a plan for how to pay for it, and fiscal rules to ensure that the UK debt would *decrease* over time.

      2. Sunak is just a yes man, remember Javid resigned because he wouldn’t just rubber stamp policy that would have basically come from Cummings? Sunak can speak well, yes, but don’t be under any illusion that it’s just slick PR. Suna was one of the bankers involved in the 2008 crash.
        As far as the recent Govt interventions go, that ‘80% for employees’ policy was in fact set up by Tony Blair, as an on-the-shelf response ready to roll out in the inevitable event of a pandemic. That’s why HMRC are ready to roll with it. This is on the Govt’s own website. So nothing to do with Sunak, or BJ, or Cummings, or That Mancock, or indeed any of them. And they announced it as if it were their own idea and policy, and something they organised really quickly to save the economy.
        I don’t have words strong enough for this lot.

      3. Fully agree with you there. A N.U.G needs 3 people not in line or a current leader of the party. It needs to be cross party. Sajid Jarvid would be the best or that Tory who spoke out about skilled labour in the HoC today out of the Tories.

  1. This is a national emergency which has been mishandled We need a co alition government to ensure proper scrutiny and fairness of any plans

  2. Though I think the measures introduced yesterday were long overdue, Johnson has been a lesson in how not to be a leader. He should be replaced and the only cabinet member that has shown the qualities is Rishi Sinai, though a national government would be much preferable, but without Corbyn.

  3. We need a gvrt of unity to fight a common enemy and hopefully emerge with something like a viable economy. Boris is Brexit myopic and this has clouded his judgement and that of his toxic team.

  4. About time, someone talking sense, his handling of this crisis has been appalling, if he’d of shut the UK down sooner, more lives would of been saved, our frontline staff are not being protected, which will lead to further spread and needed staff of sick, not enough testing is being done and people were entering our country with no checks being done, get rid of him he has put us all at risk.

  5. I agree with Lynn entirely. Why doesn’t Freeman call for a national government made of a coalition of parties -excluding parties best known for
    advocating divisive policies. Corbyn is the obvious choise to lead a National Government setting out to apply many of Corbyn policies not out of political conviction but out of necessity, for the duration of this emergency. Corbin’s stricly adhered to conviction that his party must unite the nation – Brexiters and Remainers – for the collective good, putting nation above party, cost his party the election. What better guarantee that as the leader of a coalition government dealing specifically with this national emergency Corbyn will put the interest of the peaple first – Scots, Welsh and Irish alike.

  6. Yes we need an across/ bipartisan approach, and let’s call it co-operation. This is the most devastating dangerous, situation and event, that this country has had to face since world war 1 and 2. I think for once this is an excellent idea , particularly coming from an mp of the Conservative party.

  7. While I was pleased to see some action being taken by the UK government, in my opinion it’s still too little and far too late. so I will give you an example to ponder what should be in your future.
    I am currently in lock down in Catalunya. The Catalan government imposed total lock down on the 13th March, with immediate effect, a full day before Spain issued its state of Alarm, which especially in the Madrid area is very much like what The UK is trying to do, have their cake and eat it. Madrid and the surrounding region are paying a heavy price.
    In Catalunya we are allowed to go to the supermarket and pharmacy, and if we have a dog to walk it near our homes at reasonable intervals. We also have to self certify why we are out. If the police don’t like it you’re fined and/ or jailed. Banks and other shops are shut except for tobacconist, who open for a few hours a day and you are kept well away from the staff. All lotteries have also been stopped.
    Rapid testing has started here, and total isolation of four towns has occurred in Catalunya, due to two people at a community celebration that included hospital workers that caused the viral hot spots in these towns. our number of cases in Catalunya are roughly comparable to the UK but the number of deaths are lower. That includes one of the major international European cities and Catalunya’s capital Barcelona. All hotels are shut, all tourist have left Catalunya. So the hotels are now being used as isolation units or over spill bed areas, but this is mostly in Barcelona. The health service here is excellent but they still fear it being overwhelmed, university facilities and suitably trained health and medical students have been volunteered to assist the normal health workers.
    In short this is seen as a total community effort by all in Catalunya. Most people when out are masked and gloved.
    So, a government of national unity, I think would be a good idea, as the current government appear to frightened to bite the bullet and do what is necessary to stem this pandemic. The UK has a long way yet to go before you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The sooner the UK starts being serious about this virus the sooner life will begin to return to normal.

  8. So The Tories are up sh1t creek without a paddle, A leader who cannot put a sentence together. Is a liar. You all fell for it with utter amazement from the rest of the world. Now you want to bring in others when you have totally messed it up. God help you all. The only response you have is to bring others in in order to try and hide and shift blame. You know whats coming, you didn’t act, stand up and be counted, cowardly selfish people.

  9. Military coup please. It is how corrupt and perverted governments are kicked out in other parts of the world.

  10. For heavens sake this is not a time for sniping and making party political points however inept BJ may have appeared. Let’s just get a coalition govt together to share the decision making and collaborate.

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