Watch out for this fake news about coronavirus “riots”

People are spreading footage of the London Riots, claiming that they are happening now.

According journalist Sunny Hundal, clips of the riots, which occurred in 2011, are being spread over WhatsApp by people thinking they are occurring in real time due to coronavirus.


This comes amid a host of misinformation online about coronavirus. Last week, The Daily Express claimed coronavirus had been “genetically engineered for efficient spread in humans”. A fact checking charity then proved that this was wrong.

Meanwhile, rumours have been circulating about London being locked down soon to contain coronavirus, despite the government confirming that this is not the case.

Now, amid panic-buying and general fear, some people are making it worse by sharing these clips to concerned members of the public.

Don’t get caught out.

3 responses to “Watch out for this fake news about coronavirus “riots”

  1. the madness filmed at Brixton Iceland yesterday must be fake, British people do not act like this, we queue in an orderly manor and never trample over the elderly, somebody posted ‘desperate times and desperate people,ithought define desperate ,maybe refugees from Syria trying to get here or Turkish camps you are in Iceland not hell !

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