Coronavirus: Renters are sharing supportive messages from their landlords

Renters have been sharing supportive messages from their landlords, who have agreed to help their tenants through the coronavirus outbreak.

Writing on Twitter, people have shared texts they have received, showing that some landlords have come through to help tenants protect their livelihoods.


Jonathan Paige, a freelance journalist, posted this message from his landlord:

While Amy Gledhill posted:

Coronavirus has created economic uncertainty for many. While Boris Johnson has promised that homeowners will be able to benefit from a three month “mortgage holiday,” renters are still awaiting confirmation that their rights will be similarly protected.

Messages like the following shared by Anna O’Donoghue, a journalist, have shown the power that landlords have to mitigate against the economic side of the crisis.

If only all landlords did the same.


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