Coronavirus panic buying “causing food bank shortages”

Widespread stockpiling of food due to the coronavirus crisis is leading to food bank shortages, according to a former MP.

Speaking on talkRADIO earlier today, former Labour MP Frank Field said that he has received reports of shortages from a local food bank in Birkenhead.


“Some of the most popular foods have been baked beans and pasta that people have been hoarding,” he noted.

“Now that has been the staple diet that people gave to food banks.

“I got a report back from the one in Birkenhead yesterday. The message was very clear: we’re now drying up on that very basic food which we depended on to give out.”

Food banks provide meals to people who have difficulty purchasing enough to avoid hunger.

Anti-poverty charity the Trussell Trust, which runs two-thirds of food banks, delivered over 800,000 food parcels in just six months last year – a new record.

People might be scared about the coronavirus outbreak, but it’s important that our actions don’t hurt the most vulnerable in our society.



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