Coronavirus: Nigel Farage accused of “stirring up hatred” against China

Nigel Farage has once again been accused of stirring up hatred, this time in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Farage, who has a record in this field, has written a piece for Newsweek, saying that China is to blame for the crisis, that has caused nearly 9,000 deaths worldwide.


Tweeting the article last night, Farage wrote: “It really is about time we all said it. China caused this nightmare. Period.”

Yes, China does have serious questions to answer – particularly whether and why it tried to silence early reports about the virus.

However, people have been pointing out that Farage’s response will do absolutely nothing to help solve this crisis. As usual, he’s trying to provoke rage and division – rather than actually providing solutions.

As Labour MP David Lammy tweeted in response: “People are dying. To beat it, the whole world needs to work together. Please, for once, keep your hateful, xenophobic garbage to yourself.”

This was followed up by another user, who said: “Does Nigel Farage realise that slagging off China and trying to blame the Chinese for Covid-19 will not stop people catching and dying from it?”

But the best comeback has been posted by a parody “Boris Johnson” account, that said:

We’re praying scientists find a vaccine to Nigel Farage very soon.


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