Coronavirus: Nigel Farage accused of “stirring up hatred” against China

Nigel Farage has once again been accused of stirring up hatred, this time in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Farage, who has a record in this field, has written a piece for Newsweek, saying that China is to blame for the crisis, that has caused nearly 9,000 deaths worldwide.


Tweeting the article last night, Farage wrote: “It really is about time we all said it. China caused this nightmare. Period.”

Yes, China does have serious questions to answer – particularly whether and why it tried to silence early reports about the virus.

However, people have been pointing out that Farage’s response will do absolutely nothing to help solve this crisis. As usual, he’s trying to provoke rage and division – rather than actually providing solutions.

As Labour MP David Lammy tweeted in response: “People are dying. To beat it, the whole world needs to work together. Please, for once, keep your hateful, xenophobic garbage to yourself.”

This was followed up by another user, who said: “Does Nigel Farage realise that slagging off China and trying to blame the Chinese for Covid-19 will not stop people catching and dying from it?”

But the best comeback has been posted by a parody “Boris Johnson” account, that said:

We’re praying scientists find a vaccine to Nigel Farage very soon.


9 responses to “Coronavirus: Nigel Farage accused of “stirring up hatred” against China

  1. Farage only exists as an entity because the media cover his every word and deed. He is an unelected nobody but has the mefia dancibg on a string. If the media ignore his intentionally provocative racist outpourings, to all intents and purposes he simply vanishes – problem solved.

  2. I do not trust any of the Experts/Politicians/scientist to tell the truth, they are guided about what they can and cannot say, Nigel Farage however is a free agent, The Chinese eat bats, snakes (live) one clip showed a man biting of the head of a RAT, they have no respect for animals, problem is they are not on their own there are other religions that have sex with animals. I TRUST NIGEL.

    1. Why on earth do you think that scientists and drs are not free agents? Drs are bound by their profession to do the best for their patients and would never allow a politician to stop them. Scientists jobs are to test the truth in whatever field they find themselves. We are going to owe our lives to experts not a self obsessed millionaire

  3. He is correct. The live markets in China are a disgrace on the human race. Dogs, cats, geese kept in pens, then boiled alive in water. Dogs beaten, then their legs cut off, whilst still alive in some cases. How can anyone from a civilised 20th century act so cruel, against defenseless animals who can sense they are about to be slaughtered in a horrific way?

  4. Whenever Farage speaks, on whatever topic, you have to ask yourself – “what’s he trying to achieve?”. And the answer is never “to improve the situation”. It is always “to stir up xenophobia and racism”. If he was interested in improving things rather than just bitching about foreigners in the media, he could have stood as an MP – but he didn’t. So, what exactly is Farage doing to help this viral pandemic? Nothing, as usual. Just taking the opportunity to share his odious views on ‘johnny foreigner’.

  5. Yes, there’s a crisis and it needs to be focussed-on and beaten but let’s not stifle any other topic or opinion. Farage is right: it IS a Chinese virus and their secrecy about it has led to greater dangers – worldwide. Had they faced the music earlier – rather than lose face – the situation would be much better than it is.

  6. Did any of you go to a brexit rally? Well I think i can answer that, it’s a big fat NO, otherwise you would have seen the different ethnic, religious backgrounds the people watching came from, all colours were represented and that also included the candidates, our candidate was a seihk called surjit and he had mine and my husband’s vote because he was a kind caring man who loves this country, he didn’t think Nigel was racist and I’d say 95% of his audience thought the same. Now on China, are you saying the virus didn’t start in China and the wet markets? If you believe not then that’s your choice but I stand with Nigel, the country ought to be held to account, they knew what a breeding ground the markets were and should have been closed down many years ago if not for this then for the rights of animals, if you haven’t watched a filming of one on FB/u.tube then I suggest you do!

  7. Back to the question – what is Farage trying to achieve by blaming China? Helping with the pandemic which is killing real people all over the world? (No). Or, as usual, taking the opportunity to feed and reinforce the prejudices of people keen to point the finger abroad? (correct).
    And the live markets in China are not new. All the people now eagerly jumping on the Farage hate wagon – what have you been doing before this to try to close those markets? I’m guessing nothing. But it’s a nice convenient foreign scapegoat, eh?

  8. There is nothing more distasteful than an idiot who gets the wrong end of the quote to show his or her ignorance in the bleeding obvious.
    The Chinese Government not the people have still a lot of explaining to do.

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