Coronavirus: MP calls on Boris Johnson to prosecute “irresponsible employers”

Boris Johnson has been asked to consider prosecuting “irresponsible employers” by Labour MP Neil Coyle.

Coyle posted a photo on social media this morning of a busy London Underground service, sent to him by a constituent.


The constituent in question is not a key worker (i.e. he is not one the people still advised by the government to travel into work), and he claims he’s being forced to work in the office by his employer.

Indeed, the government’s advice is for everyone aside from key workers to work for home if possible – to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

Consequently, Coyle is calling on Johnson to take stronger action against employers who are forcing their staff to travel – endangering public health.

Adding to this, journalists have questioned London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s decision to reduce London Underground services – pointing out that, although fewer people are travelling, they are being packed onto trains.

If we’re going to sufficiently reduce social contact and stop this pernicious disease, we need public authorities to act decisively and intelligently. At the moment, it’s questionable whether they’re doing either.


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