Coronavirus: Farmers launch urgent recruitment appeal

Farming industry leaders have issued a plea for British people to work on farms amid a labour shortage due to coronavirus.

According to Farmers Weekly, the pandemic is resulting in tighter travel restrictions from foreign countries, meaning there are fewer seasonal workers available to harvest food.


Sarah Boparan, operations director at farm labour provider Hops Labour Solutions said:

“We urgently need a UK labour force which can help harvest crops to feed the nation.

“At a time when international travel is restricted and people are panic buying due to the coronavirus, it is crucial that growers can provide enough British produce to our supermarkets and local shops.”

This comes amid growing concern about food supply during the crisis. The government has assured people there is enough food, but panic buying is clearly putting a strain on the system.

We imagine the situation is also not helped by EU workers having left the UK in droves, thanks to Brexit.

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