Coronavirus: Far-right group trying to exploit crisis

A far-right group has announced a strategy to exploit people’s coronavirus fears, in an attempt to gain new recruits.

Posting on Telegram, the “Hundred-Handers” said they are planning to “steer” people concerned about our current system “in the right direction” – encouraging their followers to “hit” their areas “hard”.


They said:

Hundred-Handers are a far-right group who post stickers in different cities around the UK – spreading hate.

An anonymous network, stickers are released from “archives” by an incognito leader who distributes them through a network of covert email addresses.

Their stickers make racist claims such as “anti-Semitism is caused by semitism” and “Western civilization is white civilization”.

Earlier this month, the group targeted a primary school in York, while they have also distributed materials in Edinburgh and Hull.

Now, they are trying to exploit a global pandemic.