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Coronavirus: This is how many care workers say they don’t have adequate PPE

Almost half of care workers do not have adequate protective equipment (PPE), polling reveals.

According to a poll by Survation, 44% of health and social care workers lack the equipment needed to protect themselves from contracting coronavirus.


The poll, of over 2,000 care workers, comes amid rising concerns about a lack of PPE in healthcare sectors.

This hasn’t been helped by the fact a recent shipment of PPE from Turkey was initially delayed and then found to contain a fraction of what was ordered.

Meanwhile, the alarm has been sounded about rising problems in care homes – where coronavirus is spreading but is not included in official government daily death tolls.

While the government has issued platitudes to the sector, promising to protect those on the frontline, the Survation poll shows that these assurances have not led to concrete action.

The poll also found that 99% of care workers have not been tested for coronavirus so far.

Additionally, it found that 79% expect colleagues to quit due to concerns about the pandemic and low pay, and 86% are worried about passing coronavirus to members of their family.

A further 70% said it is likely some care workers will die due to being infected at work.

PPE would surely help to prevent these deaths.



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