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Coronavirus: Brexiteer boasts about defying government pub advice

A former Brexit Party MEP has boasted about going to the pub, despite the government urging people to practice social distancing – and particularly for Londoners to avoid places like pubs.

Speaking on his podcast, Brexit Bros, Martin Daubney said he had been to the pub “most days” since Boris Johnson asked Londoners to… not do that, whinging that it is “a big part” of his week.


He said:

“On Monday night when Boris Johnson first said stop going to the pub I went to the pub as normal. I play 5 a side football, it’s a big part of my week and I was staggered by the amount of hostility I received online just by saying I’d been to the pub”.

As Daubney rightly pointed out, during a press conference on Monday, Boris Johnson urged people to avoid public places like the pub to help prevent spreading coronavirus to vulnerable people.

Meanwhile, other countries like Italy and Spain have gone into complete lockdown – banning people from leaving their houses to stop the spread of the virus.

Johnson added that the virus was spreading faster in London and we should all try to avoid unnecessary social contact.

But this has not stopped South London resident and beer-swigging plonker Daubney from getting his pints in.

He added: “I must admit I have been going to the pub most days.

“We haven’t got a compulsory ban in place yet”.

This comes as Brexiteer pub tycoon Tim Martin was lambasted this morning for moaning about people not coming to his pub chain, Wetherspoons. He falsely claimed viruses are not spreading in pubs, and encouraged the British public to continue boozing.

Meanwhile, health officials have said these selfish jollies advocated by self-serving drunks like Daubney and Martin are endangering the lives of vulnerable people.

We should bar Daubney from every pub in Britain, just to see the look on his face.


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