Coronavirus: Vast majority blame austerity for NHS crisis

The overwhelming majority of people blame austerity for the NHS struggling to cope with coronavirus, a new poll has found.

According to polling commissioned by campaign group HOPE not hate, 78% of people blame austerity measures and public spending cuts for the NHS struggling.


This comes amid concerns about the NHS’s ability to cope with the coronavirus outbreak. Doctors have resigned due to the pressure, voicing concerns about a lack of ventilators available to help acutely ill patients, insufficient protective equipment for them to wear, and the demand of ill patients far outstripping the supply of staff.

The government has recruited over 500,000 volunteers to help ease this pressure, but those polled by HOPE not hate are not optimistic that the NHS will cope.

88% disagree that the NHS is well resourced and able to deal with the pandemic. Meanwhile, 26% of Tory voters believe the government has been too slow to act.

The poll also found that a third do not trust Boris Johnson to deal with the crisis well.

Let’s hope he proves them wrong.

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