Coronavirus: Arrests made after far-right group use pandemic to spread anti-immigrant hate

Two men from a far-right group have been arrested after they posted stickers blaming coronavirus on migration.

The stickers, posted in Sheffield by people linked to far-right group Hundred-Handers, claim that migrants have contributed to the coronavirus pandemic.


One said: “Open border, virus disorder,” while another said: “Pub closed, borders open”.

Meanwhile, others posted by the group on Telegram say “closed borders, the best vaccine.” The group has also posted: “There is no price we wouldn’t pay to send every fucking one of you home.”

Hundred-Handers is an anonymous far-right network active in the UK and Holland. Throughout this year, they have posted anti-Semitic and ethno-nationalist stickers across the UK.

Last month, the Hundred-Handers announced they would be using coronavirus to exploit people’s fears, in an attempt to convert new recruits to their racist cause.

It now appears this strategy is in action, with similar stickers, linked to coronavirus, also found in York, Leeds and Hull.

Councillor Ben Miskell reported the stickers to the police as a hate crime. He said: “This is absolutely disgusting and comes at a time where our diverse community is busy working together to tackle the virus.

“This sort of behaviour can damage community cohesion and relationships across the city. We’re all working together to try to combat the virus.

“We have got people from all sorts of different backgrounds working in hospitals, care and community groups that are coming together to help elderly neighbours – regardless of the colour of their skin or their origin in the world.

“These sorts of things are meant to just divide us rather than bring us together and capitalise on something awful that is happening in Britain for some really sinister aim.”

Alex Gwynne, a local resident added: “Using this pandemic to spread racism and hatred is unacceptable.”

The police were right to stop these people in their tracks. Let’s hope they continue.