“Really shady”: Tories slammed for misleading people on social media during leaders debate

The Conservative Party has been heavily criticised for attempting to mislead people on social media.

Before tonight’s ITV leaders debate, Conservative Campaign HQ rebranded its account to make it seem like an impartial fact checking service, posting “clarifications” about Jeremy Corbyn’s claims during the debate.


Impartial fact checking websites play an important role during election campaigns. They give members of the public unbiased information about the lies of politicians and who has got their facts straight.

Many people have therefore been saying that the Tories are playing a trick to conn people into buying their propaganda.

Heather Stewart, Political Editor of the Guardian, called the rebranding “really shady,” while HOPE not hate activist Abby Tomlinson was a bit more blunt, calling it “extremely f*cked up”.

Someone else got in touch with us to say that this sort of stunt is exactly the “dirty politics and fake news tactics I expected from the Tories.”

In this misinformation election, it’s crucial we are all alive to the threat of fake news.


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