Outrage as Conservatives spread “edited” video of Labour Brexit Secretary

People are up in arms after the Conservative Party carefully edited a broadcast interview in order to frame a Labour politician.

Posting on social media this afternoon, the Tories uploaded a clip of Labour Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer talking to Good Morning Britain.


Attempting to show Labour’s lack of clarity on Brexit, the video includes the caption: “WATCH: Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit Minister can’t or won’t answer a simple question about Labour’s position on Brexit.”

However, BBC Home Affairs Correspondent Daniel Sandford has pointed out that the Tories selectively altered a section of the clip, to make it seem as though Starmer was stumped by a question from Piers Morgan.

In the Conservative clip, Morgan asks: “Why would the EU give you a good deal, if they know you’re going to actively campaign against it?” (in reference to Labour’s plan to negotiate a Brexit deal and then potentially campaign against it in a general election).

The video then cuts to Starmer, doing his best impression of a goldfish.

Yet, in reality (as Sandford points out), Starmer immediately responded to the question, saying: “well, Piers, I’ve been talking to the EU – to political leaders across the EU27 – for three years, and I know very well what the parameters are of any deal they would do with a Labour government.”

It’s true that Starmer’s interview wasn’t his best media performance, but that doesn’t justify the Tories spreading blatantly manipulative news.

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8 responses to “Outrage as Conservatives spread “edited” video of Labour Brexit Secretary

  1. Why am I not surprised! When lies are the currency of the Conservative Party. We have now 6 weeks to endure this insulting ****

  2. yes i think its outrageous they are behaving like kids boris is like a kid who kick a ball at a window and says it not me i did not do it. how can any one vote for for some one like that.

  3. Typical torie under handedness. They are an utter disgrace, manipulative and deceitful.. They should be answerable under theaw..

  4. This advert is clearly just to undermine the conservatives, concentrate on your party be the bigger person. You sound like a spoilt child “but he did that, its not fair” its actually laughable. Yawn!!!

    1. Andrew Marsland, The Tories really do not require any help with undermining them as the current cabinet undermine themselves every time they open their mouths and spout the ignorant, incompetent gibberish that passes for political discourse from that useless shower of chinless halfwits.

  5. Is this the kind of leadership we want to lead us? Leaders that will stoop so low to get their way? It is shameful to see these Tory MPs behaving like a bunch of clowns in a Circus. People think twice before you cast you vote.

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