Tory claim about the cost of freedom of movement “illiterate” and “xenophobic”, say experts

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Experts have blasted a Conservative Party claim that maintaining freedom of movement would cost the UK millions of pounds.

Writing on Twitter, university academics have contradicted a Tory claim that Corbyn’s plan to continue free movement with EU countries would cost the Department of Work and Pensions over £4 billion in extra benefit costs over the next 10 years.

Jonathan Portes, Professor of Economics at King’s College London said the Tory claims were “economically and statistically illiterate.”

He said: “The government’s own analysis shows that EU migrants contribute much more than they claim in benefits and that reducing EU migration means higher taxes or lower public spending.”

Meanwhile, Steve Peers, Professor of EU, Human Rights and World Trade Law at the University of Essex said:

“We’re back to Vote Leave style misleading and xenophobic claims about EU27 citizens and benefits.”

Yesterday, we reported that Vote Leave director and Johnson enforcer Dominic Cummings was encouraging Tory activists to hammer a xenophobic, anti-immigration line on the doorstep.

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