Charity slams the government for “gaslighting” EU citizens over their post-Brexit rights

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A charity has slammed the government for “gaslighting” EU citizens about the rights they will have after Brexit.


The3million, an advocacy charity that supports EU citizens living in the UK, challenged a post on social media by the Department for Exiting the EU that claimed the government has protected the rights of EU citizens in Britain.

The government post said: “The UK is a welcoming and open country. We’ve made citizen’s rights a priority as we leave the EU and have protected the rights of the EU citizens in the UK.”

But the3million dismissed these claims as “shameful gaslighting”. Posting a response on Twitter, they said:

The bill they are referring to says the rights of EU citizens living in the UK would be removed after Brexit, and that reinstating these rights relies on the Home Secretary putting in place extra legislation. In March, the Human Rights Select Committee raised concerns about the bill.

Harriet Harman said: “When it comes to rights, promising that everything will be worked out in the future is not good enough, it must be a guarantee.”

The Committee also criticised the Settlement Scheme, which forces people to apply to remain in the country, over concerns that vulnerable people would be at risk of missing the deadlines.

For not the first time this week, the self-promotion of Boris Johnson’s government is not matched by reality.

One response to “Charity slams the government for “gaslighting” EU citizens over their post-Brexit rights

  1. My partner is Spain, our children are English. Both were born here. We travel between each place. I work here, we feel comfortable her. We would like this to remain in place. This is not just for us, but our family’s future.

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