Everyone’s sharing this embarrassing Channel 4 interview with new Attorney General Suella Braverman

Boris Johnson has appointed a new Attorney General, and everyone is sharing her most embarrassing moment on TV.

Interviewed by Channel 4’s Krishnan Guru-Murthy in 2017, Suella Braverman looked like she wanted to disappear into a black hole.


The Channel 4 presenter pressed the Conservative MP about the European Research Group (ERG) – a secretive hard-right cult that operates within the Tory party (of which Braverman was once chair).

Guru-Murthy pointed out that the ERG is funded by taxpayer cash, before asking Braverman which Cabinet ministers were members of the group.

After Braverman declined to comment, the Channel 4 journalist argued that, if we are all paying for the work of the ERG, we should be able to know who’s a member of it.

Braverman then flagrantly lied by saying that the list of ERG members “is all on the public record.”

Yet when Guru-Murthy asked where he could access it, Braverman couldn’t answer.

It’s a spectacularly embarrassing interview, and makes you wonder how Braverman manages to tie her shoes in the morning, never mind get appointed as the government’s Attorney General.


16 responses to “Everyone’s sharing this embarrassing Channel 4 interview with new Attorney General Suella Braverman

  1. It is just a pity that there is no mechanism being used that can remove this vile, callous, evil and inhuman tory klepto-dictatorship. They are destroying Britain.

  2. My concern is that this is becoming a dictatorship . With the prime minister aide and advisor calling the shots and dictating who is answerable to himself . Cummings is not an elected member of parliament.

  3. We did have a mechanism to keep these hard-right nutters out. It was called the election, but instead people chose to do what the telly and newspapers told them to do.

    1. An election where Johnson got a big majority with 43% of the vote. In the past parties have won absolute majorities with as little as 35%.

      It’s a crazy system.

    2. This is diabolical. Is this woman really the British Attorney General? Where are the established Lawyers and Counsel anywhere in the country to sustain future British JUstice !!! handed down from time immemorial embracing the kernel of World Justice throughout world . x This is worse then Turkey on the frst days of Mr Erdogan taking charge –at least he had guts evil that they are. still.


  5. Sorry to say it doesn’t make me wonder how she was appointed as AG. In Johnson’s Govt, with Cummings in charge, the ability to lie with a straight face and without shame, must be regarded as an asset.

  6. One minute the erg ‘has been in existence for many years’, the next minute it’s for ‘supporting the govt with the bxt” – so which is it, considering the pseudo=referendum only happened less than 4years ago – is that the ‘many years’?
    What an ignorant, lying little toady she was shown to be.
    Can’t wait for it all to come crashing down, and annihilate the nazsties once and for all.

  7. Basically an admission that the ERG is a rightwing group with leaving the EU as it’s goal, it’s been in existence for longer than the period since the original referendum so should have been declared as an interest by all its members when the last series of elections were called.

  8. Stench of curruption over -whelming, Secret group within government. Funded by Tax payer through expenses, Who’s identity remains knowed only to group members. Simply publish their exspences claims .

  9. Taylor Alan John
    Why are you branding Turkey’s leader as evil? They don’t sell arms that is killing Yemenis for example or taking this country to war on-a lie aided and a-baited by the ‘free’ western press / media largely owned privately n ruled by the proprietors the like of Murdock Bransons ET el or the western political elites look the other way when there is Ruwanda There is Bosnia There day Myanmar there is China there is Kasojee murder .The USA who have been manufacturing wars eg Vietnam Afghanistan Libya their president is dictating his terms ! Appointingfamily to do the deal for f the century whee the thieving Zionist get to keep stolen land.
    Not that is what one may rightfully call evil

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