Everyone’s sharing this embarrassing Channel 4 interview with new Attorney General Suella Braverman

Boris Johnson has appointed a new Attorney General, and everyone is sharing her most embarrassing moment on TV.

Interviewed by Channel 4’s Krishnan Guru-Murthy in 2017, Suella Braverman looked like she wanted to disappear into a black hole.


The Channel 4 presenter pressed the Conservative MP about the European Research Group (ERG) – a secretive hard-right cult that operates within the Tory party (of which Braverman was once chair).

Guru-Murthy pointed out that the ERG is funded by taxpayer cash, before asking Braverman which Cabinet ministers were members of the group.

After Braverman declined to comment, the Channel 4 journalist argued that, if we are all paying for the work of the ERG, we should be able to know who’s a member of it.

Braverman then flagrantly lied by saying that the list of ERG members “is all on the public record.”

Yet when Guru-Murthy asked where he could access it, Braverman couldn’t answer.

It’s a spectacularly embarrassing interview, and makes you wonder how Braverman manages to tie her shoes in the morning, never mind get appointed as the government’s Attorney General.


3 responses to “Everyone’s sharing this embarrassing Channel 4 interview with new Attorney General Suella Braverman

  1. I just wish more journalists would keep asking these questions, and keep asking them if they don’t get an answer. Prevarication like Braverman’s is very telling. The ERG is obviously a secret society (are any of them Masons too, I wonder?),otherwise a list of members would be readily available!

  2. Why do elected officials feel they can appear on the media and ignore questions of importance to the public. Well done to Guru-Murthy a property news person! Wish there were more like him!

  3. No wonder the Government wants to pull the plug on Channel 4. I wish there were more journalists like Krishnan Guru-Murthy willing to press home their questioning. But I suppose that´s why you hardly ever see Tory ministers interviewed on TV now; they´re frit, as Maggie Thatcher used to say.

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