People share ways to pay tribute to NHS staff once coronavirus crisis is over

People are sharing ways we can pay tribute to NHS staff and other key workers when we’ve beaten coronavirus.

Writing on Twitter, people have been posting their ideas for how we should pay back NHS staff for their life-saving sacrifices.


Jane Merrick, a journalist, suggested the NHS itself should be awarded the George Cross:

Meanwhile, author Emma Kennedy said:

NHS workers are at greater risk of contracting coronavirus due to their proximity to people suffering from it. Recently, staff have shared images and videos urging people to stay at home to stop the spread of coronavirus, while they have to stay at work.

On the frontline of a global crisis, people have been calling for NHS staff to get big pay rises.

Meanwhile, brands like Pret a Manger have given NHS staff discounts and footballer Gary Neville is to open his hotels free of charge to health workers.

If you have a suggestion as to how to celebrate NHS staff, comment below, and we will add them to this article.


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