Broadcasters: let experts do the talking on coronavirus

Coronavirus is a huge public health challenge that requires all of us to act responsibly to ensure it doesn’t spread.

Broadcasters should let public health experts, not egomaniacs like Farage, do the talking on coronavirus: sign if you agree.

Care workers need protective gear and testing kits now

After almost a decade of cuts to social care, leading to staff shortages, demanding and demeaning targets and low wages, care workers are facing the impossible during the coronavirus outbreak.

Care workers must get the protective gear and testing kits they need to keep themselves, their friends and family, and those they care for safe: sign if you agree.

It’s time for an emergency unity government to respond to coronavirus

No UK Prime Minister has had to tackle something like the COVID-19 outbreak in living memory – it’s time to call in reinforcements.

To deliver the most effective coronavirus response possible and to save lives, the time has come to form a government of national unity, or another mechanism to ensure cross-party cooperation, urgently.

Save Erasmus

Erasmus is an EU-funded programme which allows students from across the continent to work or study in another European country during their degrees.

While debating Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal in the House of Commons, the government blocked an attempt to protect the UK’s role in the scheme.

If you agree education shouldn’t be a pawn in the Brexit negotiations, sign the petition to save Erasmus now.

Donorbox: drop the hate and fake news

US crowdfunding site Donorbox is being used by a number of groups to raise money for their hate and fake news. This includes Politicalite, a far-right site banned by Facebook which has whipped up Islamophobia and demonised migrants with viral stories on social media, and James Goddard, who was found guilty of harassing Anna Soubry MP.

Sign the petition calling on Donorbox to suspend these accounts now.

Sign Nigel Farage’s goodbye card

Farage has achieved his aim of Brexit dominating British politics. Boris Johnson now champions everything he believes in. Surely it’s time he just pissed off?

Voter ID: stop discrimination at elections

A government proposal to require people to show photo ID at the ballot box could prevent tens of thousands of people from voting.

This includes people like Scram community member Hazel, who told the Scram team: “I can think of no other reason for this policy but to stop people like me from voting… [it’s] a discriminatory effort by the Tory government.”

If you agree with Hazel that photo ID checks at elections are discriminatory and must be stopped, add your name now.

Stop the NHS Brexit sell-off!

Despite Boris Johnson’s denials, it’s clear that a Tory majority could mark the beginning of the end of the NHS.

If you care about our NHS, we need to fight to protect it during Brexit and the trade deals that come next. Add your name and then share this campaign to let everyone know what’s at stake.

Mark Zuckerberg: act now to get hate ads off Facebook

Scram News has uncovered Islamophobia, hate and fake news being advertised on Facebook, despite the company’s claims that it’s cracking down on this content.

Facebook earns billions of dollars from advertising. It’s unacceptable that even a single cent of this includes profits from hate and fake news.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg should come to the UK to answer questions from MPs and explain why Facebook isn’t doing more to stop the spread of this appalling content.

Investigate Brexit Party donations NOW

A legal expert reckons there is a “strong argument” that the Brexit Party may have broken electoral law.

Scram News got the exclusive story – now it’s time for Nigel Farage to answer the serious questions that have been raised about their funding.

If you agree that these claims must be investigated urgently, take action now:

Trump’s state visit

The Scram community contributed to the crowdfunder to bring back the brilliant Trump Baby balloon, which supported inspirational groups across North America and the UK that have been pushing back against the politics of hate and division Trump represents.

We also took to the streets (and to Twitter) to let Trump know that he wasn’t welcome here.

European elections campaign

Tell Farage to f**k off

Hundreds of thousands of people saw the ‘Fight back against Farage’ video and heard the Scram community’s message loud and clear: we believe Brexit is a pointless, divisive distraction from the real problems we face. We’re fed up of Farage and it’s time to fight back.