Scram’s finances have come under significant pressure and the difficult decision has been made to close our doors for the time being from Monday 1st June 2020. Until the COVID-19 pandemic passes, we cannot envisage a situation where our finances get to where we need them to be.

Although this is sad news, it’s also a moment to reflect on just how much we achieved together since Scram launched in May 2019:

Thank you to everyone who took action as part of the Scram community — we can’t tell you how much we’ve appreciated, and been inspired by, your support.

While the staff team is on furlough, the Scram board will take on planning for the future and the possibility of Scram News making a return one day. If you have any questions about Scram’s campaigning or our other work, please contact team@scramnews.com as this inbox is being monitored by Scram’s board.