Cambridge Analytica whistleblower confirms disgraced data company worked for both Leave campaigns

Cambridge Analytica’s former business development director has confirmed that the disgraced data firm worked for both pro-Brexit campaigns during the EU referendum campaign.

Speaking on Democracy Now! last week, Brittany Kaiser was questioned about the role of Cambridge Analytica in the EU referendum effort.


She said that Steve Bannon – agent of evil and Donald Trump’s former chief strategist – introduced Cambridge Analytica to both of the Brexit campaigns.

“Steve made the introductions to make sure we would get a commercial contract out of this political campaign, to both Vote Leave and Leave.EU,” Kaiser said.

“Cambridge Analytica took Leave.EU, and AIQ – which was Cambridge Analytica’s essentially digital partner – they were running the Vote Leave side.”

This work was essentially funded by the family of Robert Mercer, according to Kaiser. Mercer is an American billionaire who likes to channel his cash into various shady, right-wing ventures. He part-owned Cambridge Analytica along with his daughter, Rebekah, and was also a major investor in Breitbart News.

Kaiser also confirmed that, due to this relationship with Cambridge Analytica, the Brexit campaign had access to the “giant database” of voter information that was illegally harvested by the company.

Indeed, in 2015 Cambridge Analytica used a Facebook app to gather the personal data of up to 87 million people without their consent – helping them to build tools to target voters.

Kaiser didn’t confirm whether this data was directly used by Vote Leave and Leave.EU, but she suggests they certainly had access.

“There was Cambridge Analytica work as well as AIQ work in both of the Leave campaigns,” she said.

Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Kaiser has tried to expose many of the company’s dodgy practices, and has become a campaigner for data transparency.

Of course, it looks now like the Brexit argument is settled, with Boris Johnson set to push through his deal by 31st January.

However, it’s imperative we never forget that Brexit was paid for by alt-right American billionaires and assisted by some of the most unscrupulous data companies in existence. Brexit is not a democratic triumph; it’s entirely the opposite.

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