Calls for Priti Patel to resign for leaving key NHS staff out of bereavement scheme

There are calls for Priti Patel to resign, after it was revealed that NHS care workers and cleaners will be left out of a bereavement scheme to support families of health workers who die of coronavirus.

Under the scheme, the families and dependants of migrant NHS workers killed by the virus will be offered indefinite leave to remain in the UK.


However, it has been revealed that only certain occupations will be eligible for the scheme. Nurses, radiographers and biochemists will be eligible, for example, while care works, cleaners and porters will not.

Writing on Twitter, broadcaster Piers Morgan said: “Is this true Priti Patel? If it is, can you resign please.”

Meanwhile, groups like the Royal College of Nursing and union GMB have condemned the announcement, calling for it to be extended to all NHS workers.

Responding to the story, a Home Office spokesman told the Times: “Alongside automatic visa extensions for health professions, we have also announced immediate indefinite leave-to-remain for the families of those who sadly pass away, which includes nurses, social workers and therapists working in adult social care.

“We continue to work with the Department for Health and Social Care to look at additional ways we can help the health sector in future.”