Calls for Jeremy Corbyn to sue right-wing group over libellous video

People are calling for Jeremy Corbyn to take legal action against a right-wing student group, after they produced a libellous video about the Labour leader.

Turning Point UK, a pro-Trump student group, published a video last week accusing Labour leadership contender Rebecca Long-Bailey of being a Corbyn replica.


Captioned “Britain does not need a Jeremy Corbyn 2.0,” the video lists a range of sins apparently committed by the Labour leader.

This list includes a number of accusations that are blatantly false and libellous, including that Corbyn:

  • Covered up a pedophile ring.
  • Accepted cash directly from Hamas.
  • Supports ISIS.
  • Failed to condemn the London Bridge stabber.

The video was published on Facebook and Twitter, receiving a modest reception – just 2.2k views on the latter.

However, Turning Point clearly thought their lies deserved to be seen by a much wider audience. Since last week, the group has spent between £7k and £8k to advertise the video on Facebook – helping it to be seen by over a million people.

As a result, people have been calling on Corbyn to take action against the right-wing hate merchants, with former Labour parliamentary candidate George Aylett saying he should “sue them for every penny they have.”

This also calls into question the role of Facebook, whose policy is to accept political adverts even if they contain lies.

For years, elections across the Western world have been corrupted by hate and lies. You would have thought tech companies would have learned their lesson by now. Apparently not.


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9 responses to “Calls for Jeremy Corbyn to sue right-wing group over libellous video

  1. Of course Jeremy Corbyn should sue the various right wing groups for the lies they have told about him. This should include individual members of the Conservative party. I have been around for a long time and have never heard such blatant lies about any ppolitician

  2. Sue them Jeremy take them to the cleaners ! Give labour it’s hope and pride back send out a message loud and clear We Will Not Take Any more ABUSE, LIES and poly tricks!!

  3. Yes, I think he should. And the Newspapers, Murdock et al. Bring it all into the public arena. Get the debate started.

    I think the EU should sue them all too, as they have archived every lie told in a British newspaper!

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