Meet the 28 year-old former Bullingdon Boy now funding the Brexit Party

George Farmer is one of the Brexit Party’s biggest donors. Piling cash into the party’s coffers, he has donated a whopping £100,000 to Nigel Farage’s war chest since the party’s inception. But who is this Brexit big donor?

George Farmer is the son of Lord Farmer, a Conservative member of the House of Lords. He works for his father’s hedge fund, Red Kite, and formerly as an investment banker.


But George is not a political grandee like his father. He’s 28 years-old and has only fairly recently graduated from Oxford University, where he mixed with some of the universities most controversial and elite societies.

During his time at Oxford, Farmer was the social secretary of the Oxford University Conservative Association, which was forced to disaffiliate from the University in 2012 after it was revealed that Farmer and the club’s Treasurer had failed to pay a £1,200 restaurant bill.

However, unwilling to cough up cash was not a feature of Farmer’s time at the Association. A few years earlier, in 2009, Farmer and his father bankrolled the club after it was kicked out of the university for a race row.

The University took action after candidates for election to the Tory governing committee were asked at a “hustings” to tell the most racist joke they knew and name their “least favourite minority”.

However, Farmer wasn’t shy to step in to save this scandal-hit organisation. The fresh-faced Farmer took over as Treasurer and provided over £2,000 via his father to sustain the organisation, according to the Daily Mail.

But Farmer’s ties to elite Oxford clubs don’t end there. He was also a member of the Bullingdon Club – the society for self-adoring posh boys. Boris Johnson, David Cameron and George Osborne are all former members of the Bullingdon, which has a reputation for extreme debauchery.

The society certainly lived up to this reputation during Farmer’s era, as its members were accused of going on a “rampage” at a smart hotel.

Kitted in their £3,500 Bullingdon uniform of navy tailcoats, golden waistcoats and silk blue bow ties, Farmer and his pals also went on a hunting trip to South Africa. Their private jet came with a bottle of Moet champagne in each seat, which they supped before venturing on their sand grouse shoot.

Now graduated from Oxford, Farmer is married to Candace Owens, a controversial pro-Trump commentator. The couple share political views, and have said that when they are in a bad mood, they watch clips of Donald Trump being voted in as President of the USA. Farmer helped to set up the UK branch of the controversial right-wing organisation, Turning Point, which Owens is closely affiliated to.

Together, they have become a right-wing power couple in the eyes of their followers. On Twitter, he shares ideas about “Cultural Marxism” and censorship on university campuses. In September, he sent a tweet calling climate change activist Greta Thunberg a “nutjob” conspiracy theorist.

Oh, and he’s also bankrolling the Brexit Party.

If ever you needed more evidence that the Brexit Party is definitely not the party of ordinary people, here you have it.


10 responses to “Meet the 28 year-old former Bullingdon Boy now funding the Brexit Party

  1. The real nutjobs out there are those who believe that these kind of people supporting brexit are fighting the establishment and that they are the “people”.The only bright hope we have in Ireland regarding Brexit is the DUP. The more they are seen on TV or online spouting nonsense the easier it will be in the re-unification referendum to show them up as the liars and sectarian hypocrites that they are.

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    1. The point David is that either 1) You’ve been played, in which case I feel sorry for you or 2) You act believe in this far-right ideology, in which case I pity you. The advisory referendum result is unsafe and therefore of no consequence.

  3. And the point of this is what ?????.
    So understand this OK.
    In 2016 the people were given the right to choose if the uk leave or remain OK. They promised to honour said referendum !! They lied betrayed us. Which makes them in the eyes of the people.
    It’s that simple we don’t care about there politics.
    And if they think abusing them is wrong SORRY but everyone in that house of now corruption deserves it.
    I wouldn’t like to be an MP after the 30 oct if we have not left.

    1. you are a brexiteer who doesnt recognise fact from fiction,so listen..
      We will not leave on october 31st as promised.
      Brexiteers have lost the plot on the “sacred” referundum.
      ps,….it was merely advisory.

  4. you are a brexiteer who doesnt recognise fact from fiction,so listen..
    We will not leave on october 31st as promised.
    Brexiteers have lost the plot on the “sacred” referundum.
    ps,….it was merely advisory.

  5. After two world wars and an age pretending to be a democracy, the UK is in effect still ruled by the snobs of the so called upper class. You can vote whatever you like and fight for whatever you want, in the end it’s the self appointed elite that rules this country. Or to be more precise, we allow them to rule this country…
    The reality is we don’t need them. When their breads are no longer baked, the fuels for their distasteful limos are no longer delivered and we simply refuse to execute their madness then we’ll see who is needed. If the ‘lower class’ stays at home for a month or two as a protest, this country is on it’s knees. Yet we allow them to lie, we allow them to destroy our country and destroy our future. How dumb are we…
    What everyone seems to forget in this whole debate is that the views of Boris, Corbyn and the likes are of no importance. Whether or not we go bankrupt because of Brexit is but a small ripple on an ocean called China. They wait until the UK is on its knees and then walk all over us. Check up on what China is doing world wide in small countries, annexing them through ‘good trade deals’. Is that what we want? Or is it perhaps better to stay part of a larger union and trying to make it better. All one can say about the ones who started Brexit, and the ones trying to shove it down our throats, is that they work relentlessly on their own wealth. Instead of contributing anything they rather walk away from the problems facing Europe and the UK.

  6. I am profoundly concerned that class and wealth are still dictating and dominating to days politics.40 years after Mrs Thatcher,a grocers daughter became our countries leader and we considered that everyone had a chance to better themselves in our great land we have returned to the days of Upstairs ,Downstairs.I hope that I have never seemed to be “above my station”.That said we can not let these Eton and Oxford Tory Boys push us into defeat.
    I hope that I am not alone in considering that the content of an individuals bank account is NOT more important than the content of his or her compassion for others and wish to help those in need.

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