Britain needs fixing: Five times the government failed Britain this week

Britain is broken. Our political system is frozen as MPs wade through the latest Brexit twists and turns. Meanwhile, society’s most vulnerable are left without advocates – homelessness is on the rise, and those with homes are turning to food banks to feed themselves. In 2019, this Dickensian portrait of the world’s fifth largest economy is a disgrace.

Yet this week, it was revealed that Boris Johnson once said that working class men are “likely to be drunk, criminal, aimless, feckless and hopeless,” revealing a complete lack of understanding and disregard ordinary people.


Scram News also uncovered that he was unaware that there was a five week wait for Universal Credit payments, in a shocking interview showing ignorance of his own party’s austerity measures.

Every week, Scram News will illustrate five times the government has failed Britain over the past seven days. Let’s put pressure on them to change.

Growing numbers of Universal Credit claimants resort to online fundraising to make ends meet

An increasing number of Universal Credit claimants are setting up GoFundMe pages to make ends meet, it has been revealed.

According to the Yorkshire Post, 800 claimants have set up crowdfunders in the UK, a five-fold rise on the year before. Meanwhile, there are increasing mentions of food banks in these campaigns.

Sara Willcocks, from poverty charity Turn2us said: “The scale of people in a 21st century society having to resort to crowdfunding so they can survive day to day is really quite shocking”.

Pensioner left waiting for ambulance on wet pavement for three hours

A 75 year old women was left lying on a wet pavement for for three hours until an ambulance came, after she fell and broke her wrist.

As originally reported in the Liverpool Echo, Pat McDonald slipped on the pavement outside her sheltered accommodation, breaking her wrist and sustaining other injuries. She was unable to move until paramedics attended the scene three hours later.

Her daughter, who is an NHS nurse, said: “This is the government’s fault.”

She said: “Cuts and a lack of investment in our NHS means that wards are being closed all over the country because there aren’t enough nurses to staff them.

“That then means that there are fewer beds available in A&E and therefore our paramedics are stuck, waiting on corridors because they aren’t able to hand patients over to the nursing staff until there are trolleys available to put them on, sometimes for their entire shift.”

This month, it was revealed that A&E waiting times are at their worst on record, with fewer than 75% of patients seen and treated within four hours, as is the target.

Intervention after debt-ridden Universal Credit claimant left with £13 a month

A Londoner claiming Universal Credit would have been left with just £13 a week had her local council not intervened, it has been revealed.

According to the Enfield Independent, Haringey council intervened after a woman was left with the meagre sum when the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) said that she had to pay back overpayments in housing benefit and an advanced claim.

A housing association report said: “Information from our tenants indicates that their income has generally reduced since the have been in receipt of Universal Credit and many are finding it difficult to manage.

“Our income teams are issuing more vouchers for tenants to gain access to local food banks to assist tenants requiring additional support.”

Man reveals how Home Office’s “impossible demands” left him homeless

A man has revealed how impossible demands made by the Home Office have left him homeless.

Speaking to Bristol Live, Carl Nwazota said that he became homeless because the Home Office will not accept his passport application, needed as proof of identification for letting agents.

He said: “I’ve had the runaround from the Home Office with my passport application I sent them my UK birth certificate, and they replied with a letter asking for all my previous Nigerian passports.”

Nwazota is of Nigerian descent but is a UK citizen and does not own a Nigerian passport and never had done.

He added: “I feel like I’m part of the Windrush problem. The Home Office has been making impossible demands, asking for school reports I don’t have anymore.

“I never realised how important a passport was before. It is everything.”

This is not the first time the Home Office had trapped someone into a cycle of homelessness. Scram News has reported that the Home Office refused to wave passport fees for a homeless man in Islington, needed so the council can place him in temporary housing.

He also revealed that having no passport once forced him to rent from an errant landlord who rented him properties with damp and no hot water.

Homeless man assaulted as woman throws drink at him

A homeless man was assaulted by a woman who threw a drink over him, a court has heard.

According to the Argus, a woman was convicted for assault after she threw a drink at Nick Hulley in Brighton.

A prosecutor at the case said witnesses were concerned over Hulley’s safety. She said that the assailant “carried on abusing him even after people were saying to leave him alone.

She added that witnesses “describe kicking while he was on the floor and he was shouting and groaning in pain.”

This is a damning indictment of how society treats the homeless. Scapegoating those in poverty, as the Tories have done for decades, certainly contributes to this contempt.

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