Paul Golding

Far-right group Britain First defies Twitter

Far-right group Britain First has made its way back onto Twitter, despite its ban from the platform.

Writing on Telegram, the Islamophobic hate group urged its fans to follow the new account, saying it will be used for press updates.

Britain First's new Twitter account.

In 2017, Twitter suspended Britain First’s account, after it implemented new anti-abuse rules. Leader Paul Golding and then deputy Jayda Fransen’s accounts were also suspended.

But, with a slight rebrand, the account has returned and has slipped through Twitter’s net.

In January, Tommy Robinson similarly avoided being reprimanded by big tech. He created a new YouTube channel despite restrictions being placed on his content last year.

With Britain First doing the same, it seems their pursuit of notoriety is amping up.

The account, which follows a range of British news platforms (and Donald Trump), only has 37 followers. Let’s hope it’s taken down before it gets any more. Scram and Tell MAMA UK have reported the account to Twitter – here’s how you can do the same.


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