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Britain First and Tommy Robinson laud Russia and Putin… again

Britain First and Tommy Robinson have heaped praise on Russia and Vladimir Putin, again.

Speaking on live streams on their new favourite social media platform, VK, a Russian social media platform, Britain First leader Paul Golding and Robinson levelled up their already cosy relationship with the former communist country.


Golding said:

“I’ve been to Moscow twice last year and I made a speech in the Russian Parliament and I can tell you now that the Russians establishment [is] not like in this country.

“They’re patriotic, they traditional, they’re nationalist. They are a proud, stubborn patriotic people, they are completely unpolluted by political correctness.”

Golding’s flag-waving for Russia is unsurprising, given his previous behaviour. He has staged fake photos with Putin twice when visiting the country, and has discussed “practical plans of cooperation” with Russian politicians. He has also called Putin a “strong leader” on Russian state TV and has claimed the country is “far more democratic” than the West.

Heaping more praise on Putin himself, Golding added:

“This is one of the reasons why the west hate Putin so much. He’s not a liberal, he’s not a socialist, he’s actually just a patriotic Russian man who wants his country to be proud strong and free and that is the reason why they drag his name through the gutter.”

Golding added that speaking in the Russian Parliament was one of the proudest moments of his life and “the high point of my career”. He said he has become “very friendly” with the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia.

Meanwhile, speaking on another live stream, Tommy Robinson celebrated his move to VK and said:

“It’s good to see we are building a Russian support base here.”

As we reported earlier this week, users joining Robinson on VK could have their data accessed by the Russian government.

Again, Robinson has praised Russia in the past – claiming he may move there. Just a few months ago, the far-right leader delivered a speech to Putin officials in which he praised the country’s leader and called for greater cooperation between England and Russia.

For British ‘patriots’, the far-right do seem quite fixated on Russia.