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Everything we know about Britain First’s links to Russia

Britain First’s leader Paul Golding has been charged with a terror offence, after refusing to give police at Heathrow airport access to his phone when travelling back from Russia.

But the party has more ties to the country than this nugget of information would suggest. Here is everything we know about the far-right party’s links to Russia.


Scram News is aware that Britain First enjoyed two trips to Russia last year.

During their first visit, in July, they staged photos with a fake Vladimir Putin and visited the country’s Parliament.

Three months later, they were back.

In October, the group visited the country “to discuss practical plans of cooperation” with the Russian politicians.

In an email sent to party supporters at the time, Golding said:

“The Britain First team will visit the Duma to meet with members of Parliament to discuss practical plans of cooperation, friendship and mutual assistance”, adding that the group hoped to establish “valuable infrastructure and services that are unobtainable in the UK.”

“Russia is a patriotic, nationalist country that promotes all the traditionalist, Christian and Western values that Britain First cherishes so much,” Golding said.

And speaking to Russian TV during his trip, Golding heaped praise on Vladimir Putin, calling him a “strong leader” and claiming that Russia is “far more democratic” than the West.

They also took the opportunity to fake more photos with “Putin”.

Investigating this story at the time, we spoke to Matthew Collins, Head of Research at campaign group HOPE not hate. He said that Golding was clearly angling for foreign cash – something he had done before.

“Throughout his political career Paul Golding has tried to build alliances with foreign groups and parties,” Collins said.

“His efforts in Hungary for example, were disastrous. He has also tried to cultivate links with Polish fascists and recently went to Russia to look for friends and roubles there.

“Although he likes to travel, rarely do these friendships bear fruit. A look at the quality of his coterie – and indeed his own persona – should explain all that is needed to know here.”

It’s clear that Britain First is rapidly turning into “Russia First”.



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