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Revealed: Britain First collaborating with Belgian far-right

The far-right group Britain First is collaborating with far-right parties in Belgium, we can reveal.

According to posts shared on Telegram, the uncensored messaging app favoured by the far-right, Britain First has organised meetings with Belgian far-right politicians to discuss ideas for collaboration.


One post showed Paul Golding, the leader of Britain First, meeting with Marco Santi, the President of the National Democrats. Santi’s party says it provides “objective solutions to the rise of Islamization” and claims “Belgian natives are now treated as second-class citizens, while asylum seekers and immigrants are given priority” due to “a planned ethnocide of Europeans”.

Another post revealed that the far-right British party had managed to enter the Parliament of Flanders – claiming they were forging “new friendships”.

Britain First is an openly Islamophobic party whose policies include abolishing the Human Rights Act and castrating sex offenders. Paul Golding has previously been jailed for hate crimes and the party recently hit the headlines for organising a crew to patrol Dover to deter asylum seekers.

While Golding’s party is small, his ideas are increasingly prevalent in mainstream politics. Indeed, Britain First has endorsed Boris Johnson and Golding has been pictured with Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin, who is a close ally of Nigel Farage.

Meanwhile, the far-right is growing in Belgium. We reported in July that Vlaams Blok, a far-right party in the country, had put up posters attempting to deter refugees. These were then vandalised by a pro-refugee charity.

However, Matthew Collins, Head of Research at campaign group HOPE not hate, says that despite Golding’s bravado, he always has the capacity to self-sabotage.

Collins told Scram News: “Throughout his political career Paul Golding has tried to build alliances with foreign groups and parties. His efforts in Hungary for example, were disastrous. He has also tried to cultivate links with Polish fascists and recently went to Russia to look for friends and roubles there.

“Although he likes to travel, rarely do these friendships bear fruit. A look at the quality of his coterie – and indeed his own persona – should explain all that is needed to know here.” 

Fortunately, Golding is still the biggest advert against racism in Britain.

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