Brexiteers in panic about “Remain alliance” general election deal

Brexiteers are in panic mode after anti-Brexit parties announced a general election pact.

Posting on Twitter, disgraced pro-Brexit campaign group Leave.EU launched a petition calling on the Conservative Party to get “organised” and form a Leave alliance with the Brexit Party.


The tweet said, in desperation: “The Remainers are getting organised, so why aren’t Boris and Nigel?”

This morning, campaign group Unite to Remain announced an anti-Brexit alliance between the Liberal Democrats, the Greens and Plaid Cymru. Only one Remain candidate will stand in 60 seats across England and Wales – giving voters a clear anti-Brexit option. Chair of the group Heidi Allen called the pact “an opportunity to tip the balance of power” in Westminster.

And now, reacting to the announcement, Leave groups are quaking at the prospect of an organised electoral effort to stop Brexit.

The Leave.EU petition said: “The refusal of the Tories and the Brexit Party to do a deal puts our future as a nation at risk”, adding: “a split Leave vote puts true Brexiteers at risk. “

Yet with Boris Johnson refusing to enter into an alliance with Farage, and Farage refusing to stand down candidates in seats where the anti-Brexit vote could be split, it seems as though their chances of organising a similar bloc remain thin.


One response to “Brexiteers in panic about “Remain alliance” general election deal

  1. It is politically impossible for either Labour or the Tories to enter into electoral pacts with smaller parties. It would be admitting that they no longer are capable of winning a majority in their own right – something that would erode further their share of the overall vote.

    It makes perfect sense for smaller parties though. Perhaps the Brexit Party could form an electoral pact with UKIP…

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