Backlash after Brexiteer claims the EU gave him coronavirus

A former Brexit Party MEP has been mocked after he claimed the EU gave him coronavirus.

Speaking to the Daily Express, Dr David Bull said he fell ill in February after he left the European Parliament, and then fell ill again in March.


He blamed the European Parliament, claiming it provided a breeding ground for the virus.

He said: “I had all the symptoms – I had a persistent dry cough and a really high temperature.

“And I know some of my friends, MEPs or former MEPs now also had symptoms.

“If you look at places like the European Parliament, it is a meeting place. There were definitely people from China there because they were lobbying.

“Of course, you have all of those parliamentarians and the staff going back to their home countries.”

David Bull left the European Parliament in late January, when Britain departed the EU. During February, there were a few reported cases of coronavirus in the UK – and the number has increased throughout March.

While Bull may have got coronavirus – and we hope he fully recovers – he is certainly unlikely to have contracted it twice, as he seems to suggest.

And the Brexiteer’s attempt to shoe-horn EU-bashing in a discussion about the global pandemic did not go down well.

Responding to Bull on Twitter, one user said:

While another added:

And another said:

They got what they wanted – Brexit – but Brexiteers are still blaming the EU for all of their problems. Even coronavirus.

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