Brexiteer brutally roasted by James O’Brien

Former Brexit Party MEP David Bull has been taken to task by LBC broadcaster James O’Brien.

Writing on Twitter, the Brexiteer said his “sources” had informed him the EU was in disarray following the UK’s recent departure, and that Brussels was full of “anger and fear”.


But O’Brien was quick to challenge Bull’s chaotic tweet. Replying to the Brexiteer, he said:

James O’Brien has become an important figure in anti-Brexit circles since 2016. He has repeatedly dismantled the benefits of Brexit – drawing fire from hapless Brexiteers.

Maybe Bull should keep his socks on his feet in future.


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11 responses to “Brexiteer brutally roasted by James O’Brien

  1. James O’Brien is blatantly rude and condescending about anyone who doesn’t agree with him – but especially to Brexiteers. I voted remain but his constant portrayal of Brexiteers as racist, stupid & ignorant has made me re-evaluate the whole debate – and I dearly hope LBC replace him at some point with someone who has a superior intellect and grasp of the facts (like Maajid Nawaz). Someone needs to let him know that everything he reads in the Guardian may actually be an opinion occasionally rather than an absolute truth!!

    1. James is very polite and kind in how he treats mentally challenged Brexit voters who voluntary phone him up to speak about things they know nothing about (red tape, EU laws, tariffs, trade, washing machines etc)

      Some brexiters are so lost that upon hearing the nonsense other brexiters come out with on his show, they refuse to accept these people are real and accuse James and LBC of running a vast conspiracy to make Brexiters look stupid.

      Whatever stupid stuff Brexiters say on the radio, in vox pops, or post on the Mail/Express/Telegraph/Youtube etc, James is to blame for absolutely none of it.

      We do not get 16 year old astrology enthusiasts or 65 year old occultists phoning up radio stations to blather on about why Man United “really need to put a Leo in goal”, but brexit enthusiasts seem to have no sense of “maybe my opinions are evidence free and therefore worthless?’

      Should James ever leave LBC and be replaced, you can be sure lots of English people, of a certain type, will equally hate on his replacement – no one has ever accused Youtube commentators who support Brexit of going online to post nice and unbiased comments about people as they engage in their pitiful “culture wars”

      Any 40 year old Brexit voter who boats/lies that he “hasn’t watched the libtard BBC for 20 years – it’s all woke rubbish” is hardly likely to welcome James’s replacement with an open mind, let’s be honest.

      let us always strive to be honest.

      England’s lying population is proving to be somewhat dangerous – we have idiots phoning up radio stations spouting utter nonsense they’ve picked up from liars and other idiots like a weird gand of Chinese Whispers that ends with a poorly informed and misunderstanding woman in Blackpool telling her sister: “that border in Ireland is nothing to do with us – let that German Nazi tosser Barnier sort it out if he wants to make a fuss”

  2. O’Brien is a bully and a verbal, obnoxious thug. Gawd knows why LBC keep him employed, confess to voting to leave the EU and all you get is a crock of shit off him, verbal bullying delivered from a twatt who has a team of researchers doing his spade work for him against a caller without the info’ at his finger tips. Dump this wanker cos that’s all he is.

    1. I listen to James O’Brien and it’s clear that rather than being what you claim, the Brexiters calling in are undermining their own arguments.

  3. Good golly
    I think that at worst he challenges and continues to challenge the emptiness of political arguments in a balanced fashion .
    Far from bullying he reminds us all that democracy, indeed the will of the people , depends upon ones right to express ones view. After all a well researched coherent analysis of a complex scenario is what our judges and law lords are responsible for .

    Obscene and pejorative criticism is unacceptable and highlights all that is wrong with the way in which the people think they can impose their will

  4. I agree totally with Peter McEvoy, the vacuous input from Brexiteers who after all are the real Moaners need to be challenged and to be honest , they never seem to have anything constructive to say other than pure uninformed waffle. Extrordinary.!!

  5. Neither name-calling nor sophistry are sufficient to counter the arguments of people like James o’Brien. A far simpler and more effective way is to use verifiable facts and evidence in support of Brexit. Until someone, somewhere, can do that, Brexiteers will just have to cope with their viewpoints being taken apart.

  6. It is quite simple.You cannot win an argument without evidence.You won’t stand a chance in court,why should it be any different on a radio phone-in?

  7. What I am quite concerned about is Brexit causing serious damage while its proponents claim it’s not their fault. It’s because Brussels was ‘unreasonable’… Let’s see when the Goves of this world will start saying that…

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