Darren Grimes

Brexiteer hilariously self-owns while attacking Greta Thunberg

Brexit drama merchant Darren Grimes has managed to score a hilarious own goal while criticising climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Posting on Twitter earlier today, the pro-Brexit activist tried to argue that measures to deal with climate change will hurt the working class:


However, sharp-eyed folk have pointed out that the world Grimes envisages – where working-class people lose their jobs, suffer food shortages and cannot fly abroad – is actually a more accurate representation of hard Brexit. Something Grimes (who led a controversy-ridden Brexit youth campaign) vehemently supports.

Thunberg has received a barrage of abuse from mediocre right-wing commentators after deciding to travel to a New York climate conference via boat. We seriously doubt she’ll be losing too much sleep over their outstandingly idiotic remarks.

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