Brexit supporter gets schooled after saying ‘academics didn’t help us in the trenches’

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It’s difficult to hide on social media, especially if you have staggeringly bad views. This story is no different.


‘Stanley White’, who has 56 followers on Twitter, posted this on the social media platform yesterday:

As of the time of writing, White has received 3,800 responses to his tweet, cataloguing how experts were instrumental to the war effort.

For example, someone pointed out that the Spitfire was, obviously, designed by an aeronautical engineer. Several others suggested that White should read about the experts at Bletchley Park, including Alan Turning, who helped to break the Enigma code.

White’s comments were so ludicrous that some suggested that he might actually be a Russian bot/troll, just trying to stir up controversy.

The problem is, bot or not, White was merely parroting a common sentiment of Brexiteers: that Britain’s national project is built on pluck and courage, not on brains and expertise.

Regardless of whether Stanley White is actually a Putin experiment, the responses are a magnificent rejection of expert-bashing.

As we wrote yesterday – Nigel Farage and his Brexit chums hate a lot of the things that make Britain great. We need to counter the idea that they are patriots fighting for the interests of Britain.

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