Brexit Party’s Annunziata Rees Mogg exposed on Twitter for writing about profiting from drought

Brexit Party candidate Annunziata Rees Mogg has been criticised for writing that global water shortages and a struggling NHS are “good news for investors”.

In an article for Money Week’s ‘How to Invest’ section – where she was Deputy Editor – Rees Mogg wrote that “all over the world, countries and communities are suffering from severe droughts”.

Despite the “misery in this story”, Rees Mogg concluded: “There are opportunities to make money if you know where to look.”

Likewise, in an article written in 2005 and discovered by Twitter user @SheRa_Marley, Rees Mogg advised that while a cold snap could cause “bankruptcies, gridlock, and even ‘quite severe loss of life’, according to London Mayor Ken Livingstone”, it is good news for investors.

Rees Mogg wrote: “The other good news is that, as with all things, where there are losers, there are winners […] gas storage firms will profit as their demand soars.”

Her advice, however, should probably have been taken with a pinch of salt.

In another 2005 article, Rees Mogg handed investors a bad tip: do not back Google.

She wrote that while Google was growing fast, “unrealistic expectations usually bring disappointing returns and the odds are they will this time too”.

A take that has aged about as well as the Leave campaign’s promises.

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