Brexit Party “TV channel” suffers massive drop in viewing figures after just three episodes

The Brexit Party’s online TV channel, BrexBox, has been hit by a 90% decline in viewing figures in just three episodes.

The channel, which features Brexit Party MEPs discussing their insanely dull takes on the complexities of European Parliament, has failed to maintain its audience over the last few weeks.


Episode one, Champagne, Chocolates and the Dalai Lama has amassed almost 53,000 views since its release. However, episode two, Stitch Up, Betrayal, and a Beer, attracted just 32,000 – a drop of 40%.

The third episode, May takes swipe at the Brexit Party & the great, big EU jobs stitch-up, has so far compounded this trend – and has only been watched by some 4,800 viewers since its release yesterday.

In Episode two of the show, Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney said they wanted BrexBox to be “bigger than Newsnight”. But with media publication Press Gazette showing that Newsnight has an average viewership of some 350,000, it seems the Brexit Party has a heck of a long way to go.

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