Some Brexit Party supporters don’t want Britain to leave the EU

The Brexit Party was founded, unsurprisingly, to pursue Brexit. But new polling data has found that not all of its supporters are as wedded to the policy as Farage may think.

1% of Brexit Party supporters do not want Brexit to happen, according to polling data by Opinium.


The data, compiled by academic Matthew Goodwin yesterday, showed that 1% of Brexit Party supporters want to remain in the EU and 8% desire a ‘closely aligned Brexit’.

A further 10% of Brexit Party supporters do not want a ‘clean break Brexit’. This is despite this also being one of the party’s (few) official policies, and one that distinguishes it from Boris Johnson’s Brexit policy.

Last week, polls showed that Brits would now vote to remain in the EU if there was a second referendum. Perhaps it is therefore unsurprising that even official party of Leave has its dissidents.

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  1. Well, an ancient Greek view on the question: COMPARING WITH MAY’S DEAL -ceteris paribus- the so-called ”Philo-European” mr. Juncker wants BREXIT WITH A DEAL -that is, the UK leaving the EU under all intances- while the so-called ”Anti-European” mr. Farage wants REMAIN WITH NO DEAL, that is he wants England to remain because in comparison with the outrageous May’s Deal he thinks that Remain is still better (this info came before the rumours that he would be a Commissioner of the UK in the Commission in case of Remain). Also, there is a wide spectrum of Brexiteers in the UK and abroad -let’s say, in Greece- who think the Johnson plan is the only hope for the prevalence of true classical liberalism in Europe against the state socialism and bureacracy of Brussels and the socialist ne-liberalism of Germany -this wide spectrum is a majority and is FOR Europe, AGAINST the specific distorted institutions of the E.U. So, they think that it would be ultimately better for the E.U. and the UK to reach a logical agreement in order to improve things for all Europeans FROM WITHIN, expecting the British Euro-MPs to promote REMAIN WITH MAJOR CHANGES from the E.U. side concerning institutions governance (although Germany and the EU seem to never show any sign of compromise, on these points). And there are some who think that England from within the E.U. could force some major changes better than leaving, either by the good-will ”sabotaging” of the E.U. decisions until the best solution is found or either by promoting all European interests, let’s say in Cyprus Question. Finally, there is a wide part of all these supporters who want the UK not only to remain in the E.U. but also to join the EURO and name/make the pound as the European currency unit. or EURO (all these, in comparison with the ugly May’s Deal). This is why Farage at first found weak the Johnson Plan but actually now supports it. A last interpretation: Εuro-Sceptics are NOT the ones who fear United Europe (according to the real, authentic gist of the word) but the ones who think -and, especially, the ones who THINK SERIOUSLY ABOUT United Europe.

  2. Yeah stupid 1% of brexit party supporters who want to remain!!
    Oh hang on 5% of Lib Dems want a clean break no deal.
    Seems Lib Dems, SNP, Greens etc are more confused about their positions than the brexiteers.

    1. ALL the other parties, (apart from what is left of UKIP) are MULTI subjectual parties, not like the Berexit party, which were formed on a single issue! To, “Get Brexit Done!” WHY would anyone join a party that HATES their point of view on its’ own central tenet! A bit like a black person joining the KuKlux clan.

    1. BECAUSE Labour party members can think of more than one issue at any given time, and STILL walk and talk and function in day to day life. They don’t find ANY of that beyond their abilities.

  3. @Pippa perhaps the 1% of brexiteers are imposters, like the thousands who registered online to vote for Corbyn as Labour leader, for the simple reason they new Labour would be unelectable with him in charge. Labour didn’t walk talk and think that one out did they? No matter what kind of chaos the Tories cause they still seem to be preferable to the people.

  4. The British Parliament just handed Prime Minister Theresa May one of the biggest legislative defeats in parliamentary history, by rejecting her Brexit plan. These House of Commons politicians may simply be following the will of the British people, who now reject the idea of leaving the European Union only a few years after narrowly approving the plan in a referendum. May should either call for a new referendum, or resign, if she cares about British democracy.

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