Brexit Party scales back embarrassing online TV show

The Brexit Party has scaled back its embarrassing online TV show, BrexBox, Scram News can reveal.

Speaking on the latest episode of the YouTube show, Alexandra Phillips, MEP for the South East, revealed that the “sad news” that the Brexit Party MEPs are struggling to find time to record the programme, amid their preparations for the upcoming general election.


She said: “It’s going to be very difficult for BrexBox over the next few weeks”.

She added that the MEPs, many of whom are standing to be MPs, were “spread thin across the country” due to the election.

The effects of the scale back can already been seen in this episode. The show was presented by Phillips, rather than its usual host David Bull. There were only two other guests on the show, Belinda de Lucy and John Tennant, rather than the five strong team that meets up to bounce anti-EU ideas around their echo chamber.

Phillips admitted that the show was “slimmed down”.

When it began, Brexit Party MEPs claimed that the show would be “bigger than Newsnight”. But with patchy viewing figures and embarrassing gaffes, it has not met its aims.

Scram News, however, will miss the show dearly and hopes that it returns to our screens as soon as possible.

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  1. You, scram people really are scum, you rubbish Nigel farage like he is the enemy, he is not, you are. Unlike you he is just telling the truth, you are not, so why don’t you just fuck off, & stop spreading gossip just to get noticed.

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