Brexit Party raises £300,000 from parliamentary candidates

The Brexit Party has raised some £300,000 from people who have applied to be parliamentary candidates, it has been revealed.

According to a Brexit Party newsletter, penned by chairman Richard Tice, the Brexit Party received some 3,000 applications from people to stand for the party at the next election. As we revealed a few weeks ago, applying to be a parliamentary candidate for the Brexit Party costs £100 – meaning that the party has raised £300,000 through the fees.


The newsletter said: “In a few short weeks we have assessed some 3,000 applications, interviewed more than 1,200 people and have been delighted by the number and calibre of the applicants.”

Today, the Brexit Party announced the names of 50 candidates who have been selected to run in the next general election. Candidates include current Brexit Party MEPs including Alexandra Phillips and Martin Daubney, as well as people who have defected from other parties, and candidates who are making their first foray into politics.

The newsletter added that the party will continue announcing the names of more candidates who will be fielded at the next general election.

Applications to be a parliamentary candidate for the Brexit Party are still open. On the application form to be a candidate, it says that the £100 fee will go towards admin checks and background checks. It adds that people who have previously applied for the European elections will not be charged another candidate fee.

The Brexit Party has been under siege by critics because of the way it accepted anonymous donations from PayPal, causing concern that it could have received large, illegal foreign donations. It was told by the Electoral Commission to return any donations from untraceable sources.

But with a hefty fee from prospective candidates, it doesn’t seem that the party will be strapped for cash any time soon.

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