Brexit Party MP candidate shares far-right post about multiculturalism

A Brexit Party MP candidate has shared a video from a far-right account with a caption claiming that multiculturalism is turning France into a “3rd world sewer”.

Adrian Myers, who’s standing for the Brexit Party in Great Yarmouth at the next general election, decided to share the far-right video on Twitter earlier today.


The video is entirely unverified – there’s no context provided about where or when it was filmed. It shows a main road in France, covered with rubbish, before cutting to a riot scene seemingly involving men of African or Middle Eastern background.

However, this clip didn’t come from BBC News or even an independent media platform. Instead, it was posted on Twitter by an anonymous far-right account called Zod. A quick scan down this page reveals that “Zod” is pretty much exclusively designed to drum up anti-immigrant, white supremacist sentiments.

For example, one post retweeted by Zod says: “Multiculturalism is a hate crime.”

Zod’s video was shared by the Twitter account Jack Nichols, who added the caption: “The French are learning what multiculturalism really means… What could have been one of the most beautiful and advanced nations on earth is turning into a 3rd world sewer.”

This whole post – the video from Zod and the caption from Nichols – was then shared by the Brexit Party PPC.

A quick search through Nichols’ Twitter account also reveals that he is a blatant Islamophobe. Just yesterday, he posted saying that “dirty thief Muslims… not only take advantage of the money that the government gives them, but also steal.”

Myers is either not bothered about platforming someone with these views, or he didn’t check before sharing their content. Either way, not the actions of someone qualified to be a Member of Parliament.

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9 responses to “Brexit Party MP candidate shares far-right post about multiculturalism

  1. Nigel Farage is the only person standing up for our country and the people.The rich and wealthy who just want to gain off the back of cheap labour are the enemy within our country.I family and I all ex military but I am ashamed to be British.Land of hope and glory my arse!! Napoleon summed us up a island of shop keeps with no patriotism.

  2. Just look at the state of our back stabbing two faced government, The local councils are the same can not agree on anything.Take a hard look at are infrastructure, Armed forces, police, Schools and hospitals and say Great Britain.(A totall joke)

  3. Just the sort of vile racist clap trap that we have come to expect from Farage’s collection of fascist nutters in the Brexshit party and UKIP. Pity their followers are too stupid and narrow-minded to realise that people like Farage and Aron Banks are manipulating them for their own twisted ends!

    1. Please let me know how you come to the Conclusion of people who want their rights to rule them selves just as East & West Germany wanted unification, without interference, from foreign nations, also 🇩🇪 Policy since 1845 has been to have a EU 🇪🇺 of Middle States thats for Protection of the German Interests not the UK interests but for Big Land owners big business their History, nothing Racist?

  4. Been to France many, many times over many years touring with my motorcycle and friends. We avoid Paris now because the suburbs are no go zones. And in many other parts of Northern France, its ruined by immigration and the filth they bring.

  5. Nigel Bull, if you hate UK so much you know where the airport is. Immigrants in France is like that in UK a legacy of empire what goes around comes around enjoy the karma bro’.

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