Brexit Party predicted to win no seats at the next general election

A new poll has shown that Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party is expected to win a sum total of zero seats at the next general election.

The ComRes poll, produced in association with The Telegraph, has the Brexit Party on 13%, behind the Liberal Democrats (17%), Labour (29%) and the Conservatives (30%).

According to ComRes Chairman Andrew Hawkins, this sort of result would leave the Tories as the largest party with 294 seats – 32 short of a majority.

However, this outcome would be highly unlikely to end our current political stalemate. Feasibly, a majority government could only be formed if Labour did a deal with the Lib Dems and the SNP – something that would be difficult to envisage.

The good news is that Nigel Farage’s band of belligerent Brexiteers would be shut out of Parliament entirely – leaving Farage to contemplate another general election flop.

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20 responses to “Brexit Party predicted to win no seats at the next general election

  1. It is only the ‘belligerent ‘ brexiteers that are attempting to keep this country democratic. Whether you voted leave or remain the democratic result should be followed, otherwise what is the point of parliament?

    1. I remember all the Kippers in 2015 insisting they’d get hundreds of seats. And telling doubters like me that we were ‘out of touch’….

  2. Clearly you misinterpreted Democracy. It is not a result that happens once and stays for eternity otherwise we would not have voted for Brexit. Opinions change and even more when the first time around the information given to us was very far from reality.
    One question I have to all those who cry about democracy and that our parliamentarians betray us. Why would they ruin their careers and ruin as Brexiteers suggest then country. WHY?
    And of course clearly Northern Ireland is not any concern of the British. F… o… NI.

    1. If we had PR, every party would be allotted seats percentage wise to their share of the vote. That would be fair does, unlike FPTP. Also, that would remove the tension and resentment caused for many, who never see their views represented. As long as the parties are not extreme left/right wing, fascists, etc. PR would take the horse race and combative elements out of British politics, which are so wasteful of energy and resources.

  3. Nothing good will come from Brexit. Ever. The sooner the people get another opportunity to voice their views, based on the evidence of the last three and a half years, the sooner we can let the people decide if this is really what they want to happen.

    Brexiters say that the will of the people must be honoured to ensure democracy. The reality is that democracy is DYNAMIC, not STATIC. For that reason asking the people if a no-deal Brexit is what they voted for is a sensible thing to ask of the people.

    If, as Nigel Farage is always saying, that the vote to leave will be even bigger in a second referendum, then those who want Brexit to happen have nothing to fear do they?

    Bring it on and let’s give the final say to the people. Then the government of the day can get on with doing the necessary things we ask politicians to do.

    So far all he’s done is to promise that the UK will leave on 31 October with no hope of a deal that will be accepted by the EU. He also needs to comply with parliament’s requirement to publish the damning document that’s called YellowHammer. Then we can all see what it says and decide, once and for all, if the future is bright or bleak.

    All I ask is that the Conservative party stop promising to spend money they don’t have to try and ‘buy’ votes for themselves. More honesty is needed. Johnson’s blatant electioneering since he came into office on a very weak mandate has shown that he’s good at ‘promising’ and very poor on ‘delivering.’

    1. Tony your a complete Pratt no-one wants another vote why should people prats like you are the reason we are here 3 years later cos your cry babies that won’t except the voice of the ppl as you put so shut up mate it’s not Brexit party that’s the reason we’re are still her it’s you remoaners that are stopping it happening so do your homework and stop talking out your butt

      1. I find It truly staggering that we have a Parliament in place which is predominantly pro remain who are supposed to be carrying out the will of the people by delivering Brexit, and if that means WTO in order to achieve this then so be it.

        The electorate voted and parliament must carry out the instruction given to leave the eu.

        What is the point in having a vote if the result is ignored by MP’s who’s views in the main don’t reflect those of the majority that voted to leave.

        And to think that Britain is supposedly one of the most democratic countries in the world.

        If Brexit isn’t delivered this will prove one thing, that we are no better than a dictatorship.

  4. Just leave now and EU gravy Train coming back for deal very quickly and moaning mps about Parliament Democracy and twice are running scared from General election get on with 2 choices should I stay or I go by clash back in 2016 and F Scottish Courts

  5. Mate obviously you voted to stay well you lost the vote get over it didn’t see people getting another vote when David Cameron got in number 10 we just excepted it we don’t need another vote we voted to stay in the EU or leave the EU leave won so the out come is leave the EU no-one voted leave with a deal or leave with a deal it was who wants to stay or go no mention of a deal the deal they are trying to get is still tied to the EU the remoaners pit that in when they realised people voted out now all the party’s are trying to stop it completely people voted leave so leave except the vote and stop with the scaremongering personally I couldn’t care aless all the Major party’s are ignoring there own voters and clearly they can’t be trusted personally I don’t think those people will be voting for them in a election because you say what you say isn’t going to change anything they don’t need another vote to see who wants to stay or go because if the out come is the same are they going to deliver I very much doubt it when they still haven’t honoured the first vote that’s why labour and the rest are to scared to have an election because they will see over half there voters are gone should have just taken the country out of the EU and if it turned to crap all you people that won’t except you lost can point your fingers and we told you so and the standing government could then have another vote to see if everyone want to rejoin the EU that is democracy not crying because you didn’t win so yo remoaners and leavers can suck balls and see what happens

  6. In my line of business, when a project doesn’t go as per original plan, you go back to the stakeholders and ask for guidance. Why would that be different for this important matter ? After 3 years, it has been so far impossible to deliver Brexit ,as per original plan ,which was to leave EU with the best possible agreement. It seems to me very logical and democratic to revert back to the people and ask their view as they are acting as the initial stakeholders here.
    Moreover, after 3 years , the profile of voters has changes. Every year nearly 1 m of voters die, and 1 m of young people have access to electoral list . I am not making any assumption as to what the impact on the vote would be, but the world we are in now is not the world we were in 3 years ago.

  7. In a democracy citizens have the right to change their mind. As the referendum result is not only narrow with 52% versus 48% but was achieved only because the British public was told an endless list of lies, lies and more lies, it is time to have a second referendum to determine what the citizens REALLY want now that releant informaytion is available and we all know how terribly damaging Brexit would actually be.

  8. Seems like all the leavers can’t even spell, or make a cogent argument, so why should we think you made a good choice when you voted leave? Leave the big questions to be answered by those of us that at least have an education, and have the ability to actually analyse the situation, not just spout out the same line as day 1.

  9. MK. How rude you are! I am well educated and chose to leave. Maybe you need to educate yourself more on the money that is being haemorrhaging day after day into the pockets of unelected officials within the EU. We have political “families” (and all their friends) that are creaming off fortunes! The financial scandals that surround the politicians these days are diabolical. It’s time for change and it’s time to weed out the dross!

    1. One of those filling his pockets with an EU salary whilst doing NOTHING for the EU other than undermine it is Nigel Farage!!!!

  10. Another referendum? If the result is still Brexit, then what? Let’s respect the people’s choice, then if the grass is not greener, then re-apply to enter the EU again. Remember it takes two to tango. The EU are making deliberately difficult for the UK to exit because they stand to lose a lot. The EU lot should also compromise and give us a better deal. It’s not Boris’s fault ee are where we are, DC is the culprit.

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