Brexit Party MP candidates share violent image about Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson

*Warning – article features graphic image*

Two Brexit Party MP candidates have shared a violent image about Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson, while female MPs warned in the House of Commons about receiving death threats.


David Blake, Brexit Party PPC for Huntington and Mike Greene, candidate for Peterborough, shared post on Twitter featuring an image of Swinson next to a graphic cartoon of a man with multiple knives in his back.

The image was accompanied by a caption accusing Swinson of “backstabbing” Britain – calling the MP “absolutely disgusting”.

To put this in context, Greene and Blake decided to share this horrific image at the same time that female MPs stood up in the House of Commons and warned that the incendiary language used by Boris Johnson and others has resulted in death threats.

Meanwhile, another Brexit Party PPC, Julian Carter, posted on Twitter to say that people should vote for the Brexit Party to “get the pollution out of politics”.

It seems he joined the wrong party.

8 responses to “Brexit Party MP candidates share violent image about Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson

  1. The whole situation is ridiculous. Corbyn is nonsensical having more positions than a Compass. Boris refuses to acknowledge that significant numbers voted to remain. Liberals refuse to accept a democratic vote, SNP have only one policy. EU refuses to reform – requested by Cameron and the unelected EU hierarchy including Junker and Tusk continues with the United States of Europe project that few want. U.K. is trapped as Major and Blair in particular gave up sovereignty with Lisbon and Maastricht treaties without reference to voters. U.K. voters clearly not happy as so many voted leave but EU political class are not listening and MP’s only interested in themselves. Sensible strategy is for U.K. to get back some sovereignty in a reformed and more democratic EU and then see if the electorate approve. Other EU states should also ask the people – this would be democratic

  2. If the dysfunctional bastards in Westminster would stop undermining our democracy and get on with what the majority voted for, there would be peace and harmony again. I don’t believe that the ordinary Remainer in the street would seriously sanction what the goof balls in Parliament are doing in their name! At the end of the day it’s the ordinary folk in the street, Remain and Brexit, who are jointly suffering, not the scumbags in the HoC and HoL, who are simply lining themselves for greater riches in the EUSSR. THESE ARE DANGEROUS TIMES FOR GREAT BRITAIN. A civil war wouldn’t go amiss. Never ever believed in summary justice but some of these arseholes in Westminster would deserve it for the way they have conducredit themselves. Say what they want, Boris Johnson’s wearing his heart on his sleeve for Brexit and the winning majority in the 2016 Referendum. I trust Boris, but wish he would invite the Brexit Party to join in this great crusade. Democracy MUST prevail.

  3. Corbyn’s position is the best one
    We need a government that plays the part of honest broker in the brexit fiasco and doesn’t jump into any extreme ditch where the view is so obscured

    Why do people need s government attached to a particular outcome ?
    We must do this in a way that doesn’t leave our economy or democracy broken

    We need some t to manage this – labour is that party

  4. Labour’s position under Corbyn is the only acceptable one. The other two extremist visions of brexit both ignore half the country.

  5. There is nothing violent in the picture,
    The parliament, the left, labour & lib dems have stabbed 17.4 million people in the back, far worse than Julius Caesar was stabbed. It (picture). Depicts reality!!

  6. The conservative party had a mandate in 2017 election when they were voted into government on the proviso that they would take us out of EU. One must ask the question why did it not happen…. because the obstacles that opposition parties kept putting in the way. A new leader comes along and says this has to end it has dragged on long enough. Like it or hate it he prorogued Parliament too stop the debacle that we witnessed on Wednesday, power was supposedly returned to the remainers too discuss debate the way ahead. Did I miss something because I didn’t witness any of that, all I remember is all the shouting,screeching, and screaming. There was a time when the speaker of the House bellowed order and order was restored. Oh I forgot the speaker used to be impartial in all matters.
    17 million people have been ridden roughshod over by 16 million so democracy is dead ended by the minority so it would appear that if you do not like the result of a vote just take it to court and get it overturned. Long live democracy !!!!

  7. I think the knives depicted are in the backs of the people, put there by Jo Swindle, not the other way round. “Back stabbing” is a common term for what she has done.
    Some people may find the images unpleasant, but if Swindle is comfortable with her party’s “Bollocks to Brexit” T shirts, I don’t think she can complain about this. Sauce for the goose..

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